SONG PREMIERE: Cuban Black Metal Band Skjult

Skjult- Progenies ov Light

Two years have passed since Cuban black metal band Skjult released their first full length ‘Within the Flesh’, and now the one-man project has returned with a follow-up titled ‘Progenies ov Light’.  On this newest release band creator Conspirator has once again stuck with abrasive, icy riffing that focuses on fast paced blasting and slower, brooding passages in equal capacity but there’s a higher level of polish to the production and writing.  With ‘Progenies ov Light’ due out on February 21st from Satanath Records and Black Metal Propaganda Deutschland, today we’re excited to premiere the song Dawn ov an Era of Light.


SONG PREMIERE: German Crust/Noise Rock Band [b.abuse]

[b.abuse]- Memories Of Better Days Are Gone

One of my favorite parts of writing about music is discovering long running bands that hadn’t been on my radar previously.  Germany’s [b.abuse] is the latest to come across my desk and they’ve made a strong first impression with their fifth full length ‘Memories Of Better Days Are Gone’, due out February 23rd on WOOAAARGH, Vinylaceton, and Ecocentric Records.  Their sound is one that’s hard to pin down, and having celebrated their twenty fifth anniversary in 2016 it seems as though shape shifting between styles has been a staple of their material.  With hints of crust, post punk, noise rock, and plenty of other elements present in their instrumentals, the band seals it with strong hooks and aggressive vocals.  Today we’re premiering the song Nothing Will Remain so you can discover all of the twists and turns [b.abuse] has to offer.


ALBUM PREMIERE+INTERVIEW: Greek Death Metal Band Ectoplasma

Ectoplasma- Cavern of Foul Unbeings

Memento Mori had a pretty packed year in 2017, releasing a considerable amount of quality death metal from all around the world.  The label isn’t slowing down at all this year, as they’re putting out three albums today that are sure to catch your attention if you’re a fan of anything death metal related.  One of these is the sophomore effort from Greece’s Ectoplasma, ‘Cavern of Foul Unbeings’ which comes two years after the group’s full length debut and ‘Skeletal Lifeforms EP’.  Fans of murky, horror influenced death metal will want to take note as this album has some killer writing, and today we’re premiering the entire release so you can hear for yourself.


SONG PREMIERE: Spanish Death Metal Band Neter

Neter- Inferus

Spanish death metal band Neter has been around since 2004, making a name for themselves through the release of two full length albums and prominent tours throughout their home country.  This year the group is preparing for the release of album number three, which they’ve titled ‘Inferus’.  The material continues to find Neter offering up bottom heavy, lumbering death metal that’s focused on grooves and just the right amount of atmosphere.  With ‘Inferus’ set to come out January 15th as a collaboration between Satanath Records, Cimmerian Shade Recordings, MurdHer Records, and Black Plague Records, today we’re premiering the final song The Eye of Sirius.


SONG PREMIERE: Greek Black Metal Band Inhibitions

Inhibitions- La Danse Macabre

Satanath Records has been on a roll when it comes to finding noteworthy black metal from around the world.  One of their latest signings is Greek black metal duo Inhibitions, a group that has been around since 2008 and has released two full length albums to date.  Despite flying under the radar until now, it’s clear on the group’s upcoming release ‘La Danse Macabre’ that they’re worth paying attention to thanks to a mixture of foreboding symphonic elements and the icy, jagged edges of traditional black metal.  With the album due out January 13th as a co-release between Satanath and Ira Aeterna, today we’re premiering the song Rusty Razor.


SONG PREMIERE: Colombian Black Metal Band Evil Nerfal

Evil Nerfal- Bellum Est Pater Omnium

Colombian black metal band Evil Nerfal has been lurking in the underground for close to a decade now, but it wasn’t until 2016 that the group released their debut full length ‘Hail Black Metal​.​.​. Vobiscum Buer​.​.​.’.   With their roots in European and South American black metal, the group delivered a dose of scorching material that emphasized blistering riffing and speed.   Close to two years have passed since then and now the band is prepping their sophomore effort ‘Bellum Est Pater Omnium’, due out January 9th on GrimmDistribution and Morbid Skull Records.  With this effort Evil Nerfal has let some death metal influences seep into their black metal and tightened up their production values without losing that unhinged and chaotic feeling from before.  Today we’re premiering the song Foedus Versus Deus (Against the Great Drone of History) so you can hear what these Colombian maniacs have to offer.


SONG PREMIERE: Polish Death Metal Band Manipulation

Manipulation- The Future of Immortality

It’s not uncommon for albums that have hit the ten year mark to get a re-release of some type, especially if it has been out of print for a few years.  But what’s a little more unusual is a band making significant tweaks to that release.  This is what Poland’s Manipulation has done with the re-release of their debut full length from 2007 ‘The Future of Immortality’, as not only is the recording remastered but the vocals have been completely redone by the group’s new vocalist Kret.  While these guys may be a death metal band you hadn’t come across before, they’ve put out an EP and two full lengths since ‘The Future of Immortality’ came out originally, and with another album on the horizon this new version of their debut is a great way to discover what they’re all about.  With the December 24th release on GrimmDistribution fast approaching, today we’re premiering the track Loading The Language.


SONG PREMIERE: U.S. Crossover Thrash/Hardcore Band hell bent

hell bent- hell bent

Rhode Island’s hell bent has only been around for about two years, but its members have been a part of bands like Dropdead, Ulcer, and Paindriver and that experience definitely shows.  While they may come from a powerviolence and d-beat background, hell bent takes some of these influences and injects a good deal of crossover thrash and old-school hardcore into the mix.  The group originally released their self-titled EP on cassette last year in very limited quantities, and now they’re reissuing it on another run of cassettes alongside a digital option on January 12th.  Today we’re premiering the song Desert Death Lord so you can discover the raging shot of adrenaline this EP is capable of providing.


ALBUM PREMIERE: Finnish Black Metal Band Perdition Winds

Perdition Winds- Transcendent Emptiness

Though this may be the first exposure to Finnish black metal band Perdition Winds for many of you, the group has been honing their craft for the better part of seven years through releases with well-known labels like Woodcut, Darker Than Black, and Satanath.  Featuring members that are also in Desolate Shrine, Corpsessed, and Lie in Ruins, they may come from more of a death metal background but over the course of an EP, full length, and split the band has proven their ability to do the harsh and hellish black metal sound justice.  For album number two, ‘Transcendent Emptiness’, Perdition Winds has debuted their new vocalist J.I. and signed with Hellthrasher Productions.  The resulting effort finds them branching out a bit further towards without losing their abrasive, dense instrumentation.  With the album due out on CD and digital formats on December 8th (with vinyl set to come out in January), today we’re pleased to offer you a stream of the entire release.


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