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Transcending Obscurity Records is arguably Asia’s largest label for extreme music, given the overall roster strength and the frequency of the releases. It has basically been divided into two parts – 1) international and 2) Indian/Asian. With our reputed in-house PR facilities, all of the releases are extremely well promoted around the world. Moreover, with regards to distribution, we have secured a tie-up with Plastic Head Distribution (UK) for Europe and in addition to that, we have our own network of distributors around the world.

If you think your band is professional, passionate and meticulous, please feel free to send in your music if you are interested (refrain from attaching files – send links instead). Contact Kunal Choksi (label owner/A&R) here –

Asian bands are encouraged to get in touch for a special regional consideration via our sub-label, Transcending Obscurity Asia.

Getting your music heard is one of the most important aspects of putting out ANY release. With our decade-strong experience and personal contacts, we ensure that your music gets sufficient coverage around the world that will not only get you sales, but also widespread critical acclaim. It entails working out exclusive premieres with prominent sites, sending out watermarked press kits, arranging interviews and of course getting reviews from all over the world. We’re working with hundreds of bands and also a very impressive roster of labels for this purpose. Please get in touch for more info.

Transcending Obscurity PR contact (Kunal Choksi/Moni Jha) –

Transcending Obscurity started in 2005 first as a webzine (it went by the name of Diabolical Conquest initially). Armed with a new, cutting-edge site and skilled staff with experience, the site gets close to 35,000 hits per month presently. Please get in touch with the respective webzine content heads to get your music featured on the site honestly and effectively. We’re offering exclusive streams, in-depth interviews, insightful articles as well as honest and informative reviews.

Transcending Obscurity webzine has always functioned without ads for reasons of journalistic integrity. Our aim is to support good music from all genres and help bands genuinely transcend obscurity.

Deputy editor (Shrivatsan R.) –

Features (Flight of Icarus) –

Premieres (Chris Dahlberg) –

Interviews (Nigel Holloway) –

Writers wanted – We are always looking for experienced and well-informed writers who can contribute regularly towards articles, reviews and do interviews. Please feel free to write to us with samples of your work at our official email address.