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SONG PREMIERE: French Black/Death Metal Band Necroblood

Necroblood- Collapse of the Human Race

2017 seems to be the year for quite a few long-running bands to release their debut full length, as February saw French death metal group Ritualization put out their first full length record.  Fellow Frenchmen Necroblood are set to put out their debut full length ‘Collapse of the Human Race’ on March 31st as a co-release between Iron Bonehead Productions (vinyl) and Amor Fati Productions (CD), and they’re another group where the fairly lengthy period of putting out demos and EP’s has allowed them to finely hone their craft.  Formed in 2010 by ¾ of Evynkar, Necroblood plays the type of claustrophobic, hellish black/death metal that’s taken notes from bands like Beherit and Von alongside some of the more prominent old-school death metal bands.  Today we’re excited to premiere the second song from the album, Through Limitless Abysses, so you can experience for yourself how dense and calculated the group’s raging attack truly is.

Structurally Necroblood skews a little closer towards the death metal side of the spectrum, particularly with regards to their dense, blasting riffs and the guttural growls of the lead singer.  Through Limitless Abysses is a perfect example, as the track wastes little time in delivering a full force attack at the listener.  With the drums pounding away in a warlike manner and the guitars and bass working in tandem to create dense layers of low-tuned, gritty riffs that feel like they’re drowning you in layers of grime, the band comes off somewhere between some of the grimy old-school death metal of decades past and the warlike attack of Beherit.  But compared to some of the other groups out there that have similar influences, Necroblood’s attack comes off feeling much more calculated and lethal in its delivery with no hint of sloppiness in sight.  As the song goes forward the guitars and bass seem to get even dense and grimy, approaching Archgoat levels of darkness and hellfire.  There’s a well-timed break around the halfway point too that tricks you into thinking that this might be a short onslaught, but Necroblood instead uses this to refocus their attack and crush your skull into pieces.  It’s also worth mentioning that the production of ‘Collapse of the Human Race’ is razor sharp, letting the scorching solos and guttural growls burst out of the dense rumbling base that the band has throughout much of their material.


‘Collapse of the Human Race’ is a promising debut from this group, and later songs on the album incorporate a bit more of the black metal influence.  But Through Limitless Abysses is a perfect example of Necroblood nailing that incredibly dense, grimy death metal attack that seeps into your eardrums and makes mush out of your brain.  With the full album set for release on March 31st via Iron Bonehead and Amor Fati, you won’t want to miss another heavy hitter from the French underground.

Necroblood | Iron Bonehead Productions | Amor Fati Productions


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