NOX IRAE – Here The Dead Live (Death Metal) Album Artwork T-shirt (Limited to 30)




Get this gorgeous piece of Chris Moyen artwork print on a soft cotton T-shirt while you still can. The print will be sufficiently large and it’s bound to make the T-shirt stand out in your entire collection.

Members of the legendary French death metal band CATACOMB join forces with members of AFFLICTION GATE to create raw, thrashy death metal dripping with old school fervour and unbridled passion. Members of both the bands bring their trademark elements to the table – the bloodcurdling vocals of AFFLICTION GATE’s Herostratos with the brilliant structuring of the CATACOMB veterans when it comes to the creation of this morbid yet delectably catchy mess. This is old school death metal given new expression through the lens of what these bands stood for, without being plainly derivative or sounding old hat. There’s palpable tension and rage all through these six compositions and you’ll find yourself returning back to these again and again to hopelessly satiate the flesh-tearing itch. NOX IRAE have made a huge statement with their debut EP and one can only expect great things from them in the foreseeable future.

releases November 15, 2019

Line up –
Herostratos (AFFLICTION GATE) – Vocals
Damien – Bass
Fred (CATACOMB) – Guitars
Jérôme (CATACOMB) – Drums

Artwork and logo by Chris Moyen (INCANTATION)

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Death Metal




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