CRAWL – Death To Chvrch T-shirt (Limited to 25)




Here’s the latest merch designed by Jonas A. Holmberg (THIS GIFT IS A CURSE), who also made the band’s album artwork. It’s printed on thick high quality cotton T-shirts and has a huge long lasting print. Limited to 25 only.

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From the label that put out releases of PAGANIZER, HENRY KANE and URSINNE which upheld the brand of Swedish death metal, you have CRAWL unleashing their debut full length that sets new standards for the style. Crushing Swedeath honouring the progenitors and at the same time stepping out their shadows by concocting a vile mix with influences of punk/crust and hardcore is what’s on offer here. ‘Rituals’ is an irreverent exercise in bombarding the classic style with fresh elements and lending to the staid style new vitality. Prepare to be shocked, annihilated and thrilled at the prospect of listening to the new masterpiece.

shipping out on or around February 15, 2020


Lineup –
M. Sjögren – Guitar/Bass (ex-DISCARNATE)
A. Batar – Drums (ex-DEMONICAL, ex-TORMENTION)
J. Lyngfelt – Vocals (DRÅP, ex-DECOMPOSED)Artwork by Jonas A. Holmberg (THIS GIFT IS A CURSE)

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Crust, Death Metal, Old School




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