COME BACK FROM THE DEAD Album Artwork T-shirt (240 GSM Premium Cotton Quality)




We’ve specially procured the finest quality cotton from our country to make our T-shirts on which a full colour album artwork print will be made that is both stunning and long-lasting.

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Spanish death metal masters Come Back From The Dead return to unleash their latest full length two years after their highly acclaimed EP on the same label. Playing a refreshing style of old school Swedish death metal meets dark American death metal, not too unlike Entombed covering Autopsy, this band is creating unforgettable music that begs for repeat listens. The riffs are some of the sickest you’ll hear, savage and yet tuneful, which you will be humming long after it’s over. There’s an undeniable crusty edge to the proceedings which is hardly surprising given that there are members of Nashgul and Machetazo in this band, and even the mighty Bokluk. Just when you thought that this kind of death metal music has lost its charm or flavour, you get an album like this that changes your perception completely by expertly using the best elements of classic styles to concoct a formidable sound, one that is both consistent and individualistic. ‘The Rise of the Blind Ones’ is undeniably one of the best and most well-thought death metal albums to come out in recent times while upholding the glory of the old school sound.

Line up –
Marcos – Drums (ex-Machetazo)
Hector – Guitar (Nashgul)
Miguel – Guitar
Iago – Bass (Bokluk)
Paul – Vocals

Artwork by Cesar Valladares (Asphyx)

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Weight .400 kg

Crust, Death Metal, Old School




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