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After a few requests, we’ve finally taken the plunge to make T-shirts of this gorgeous painting by T Bare McClough (ARKHETH). We’ve picked white T-shirt colour for this so that the print colours really stand out and adapted the artwork in a way that it looks good and not as boxy. These are very limited so feel free to pick one ASAP.

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CHAOS MOTION are turning the technical death metal genre inside out. There’s little conformity to the style as we know it and it’s all for the better. There needed to be something actually challenging that made us sit up and take notice, and this is it. There’s nothing immediately catchy or memorable here. You will have to take effort to try and decipher the mind-boggling riffs and myriad patterns that this strange, otherworldly album is packed with. At just over 40 minutes, this will seem like an eternity to get through – and that can only be a compliment because there’s just so much happening at all times. This album won’t get old fast. This is one ugly, mysterious, gut-wrenching album that will befuddle listeners time and again, and they will keep coming back to it to learn some more. Each listen will reward them with something new, something hitherto unnoticed. Mastered by Colin Marston of GORGUTS, this debut full length by CHAOS MOTION is reminiscent of their infamous ‘Obscura’ album and other notorious ones by bands like PORTAL, ORIGIN, WORMED, (early) CEPHALIC CARNAGE and even WICKED INNOCENCE (circa ‘Omnipotence’).

Line up –
Juan Pablo Munoz – Drums
Guillermo Gonzalez – Guitar, vocals
Alexis Tedde – GuitarsMastered by Colin Marston (GORGUTS)
Artwork by T Bare McClough (ARKHETH)
Layout by Turkka Rantanen (DEMILICH)

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Death Metal, Technical




Chaos Motion

Record Label

Transcending Obscurity Records


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