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SAEVUS FINIS – Facilis Descensus Averno Zipped Hoodie


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This is a high quality zipped hoodie for which we used specially made extra thick and soft cotton that is moreover pre-washed to avoid any shrinking issues. It has a long lasting metal zipper as well. There are prints on both the sleeves, one on the pocket of the band logo, and of course the captivating Pedro Mau artwork on the back.

Coiling tightly around like a vindictive colossal snake, asphyxiating and temporarily blinding with its slithering motion, the music of Saevus Finis has a specific result on the listener. Their music is immediately overpowering; rhythmically throbbing with chest-bursting heaviness, the pounding parts are alternated with angular, incisive riffing. Militaristic blasts give way to slower, time-manipulating music, emphasizing nothing but even more heaviness, as dissonant tunes augment the perplexing situation. Saevus Finis have mastered the art of combining the best elements to create dark, hypnotic and suffocating death metal with a menacing blackened edge that keeps drawing in the listener. Always intriguing, the music almost feels ritualistic, methodical and immersive, and impossible to escape. It finds a way to get inside your consciousness and remain with you. Physically compelling with its sheer heaviness and mentally disarming with its beguiling tunes, Saevus Finis have come up with an astounding debut assimilating the best influences where dark, arcane music of this kind goes.

For fans of: Immolation, Burial Hordes, Incantation, Morbid Angel, Viande, Maere


Official Release Date – January 12th, 2024

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