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DYSSEBEIA – Garden of Stillborn Idols Coffee Mug


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This elegant Bryan Teach Design artwork definitely deserves to be a part of every day life. Here’s an option to get yourself a fine coffee mug with that full design. It’s going to stand out for sure!

Swiss band Dyssebeia have come up with an exhilarating debut full length of progressive blackened death metal music that blends the elements seamlessly and reinterprets them elegantly with emphasis on clean delivery, unhindered structuring, and the right treatment of the emotive melodies. Their music pulsates with exceptional energy for music so nuanced and keeps evolving and offering something new, something more as the album unravels. It’s difficult to keep track of the endless variations – the beautiful melodies, genre-intertwining riffs and constantly varying vocals and drum patterns – and yet with such intuitive writing, they only seem to enthrall the listener and never overwhelm. There’s palpable passion and intense feeling in each of the songs, probably pent up for years, and it’s a delight to experience a wealth of them on this ambitious album. Dyssebeia have done their best to express themselves in the most truthful and eloquent manner and they may not realize themselves that in the process they’ve crafted an obscure gem.

For fans of: Eternal Storm, Be’lakor, Majesties, At The Gates, Dark Tranquillity, Eucharist, In Mourning


Official Reelease Date – November 17th, 2023

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