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BONES – ‘Diseased’ Limited Edition Autographed Box Set (SPECIAL PRE-ORDER PRICE!)


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4 in stock

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Here’s a fantastic looking box set for the latest Bones full length which will have a gold paper to enhance the yellow parts of the artwork. Each of these box sets will come loaded with the following items –

1) Expansive 8-Panel Digipak CD
2) Autographed card signed personally by the band members
3) A3 size poster of the extended album artwork
4) Fridge magnet of the album artwork
5) Large album artwork badge
6) Band logo guitar pick
7) Gold album artwork sticker

There’s a discounted price for the pre-order which will be discontinued after the release date.

Hailing from Chicago, US, Bones are creating some of the filthiest form of death metal/crust music ever created. Laden with riffs that will tear your head off, this is easily the band’s finest hour. The album is buzzing with this raw, visceral energy that’s impossible to replicate and is what makes this band stand out from the rest. There’s an innate sense of pulsating groove that is detrimental to your physical wellbeing and when coupled with the maniacal energy with which the band throws their music at you, it becomes the catalyst for widespread devastation. ‘Diseased’ is how you want your death metal to sound circa 2019 – raw, crusty and atavistic.

Line up –
Joe Warlord (Usurper) – Drums, percussion, vox
Carcass Chris (ex-Usurper) – All guitars, vox
Jon Necromancer (Doomsday, ex-Usurper) – Bass, vox
Artwork by Matt “Putrid” Carr (Undergang, Hooded Menace)
Layout and art direction by Francesco Gemelli (Master, Paganizer)


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Crust, Death Metal, Old School



Record Label

Transcending Obscurity Records


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