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SONG PREMIERE: Russian Melodic Doom / Death Band – Revelations in Rain

As the cold dreary monsoons start to kick in here at Bangalore, there is a need for some sullen, melodic doom to go with the weather. What better place to look for grand, moving melodies than Russia. Moscow based Откровения Дождя (Revelations in Rain in English) have just the right album for this. Titled ‘Акрасия ‘ (‘Akrasia’), the band’s fifth full length comes as a massive, hour long slab of melodic doom death metal. Revelations in Rain do an excellent job of engrossing the listener with their moving melodies. In fact, the whole album feels like wave after wave of sweeping, emotive melodies that often manages to strike an emotional chord with the audience.  To give the reader a good idea of what is being described, we have a brand new track from the album streaming below, so that you can experience it for yourselves.

Revelations of Rain

Demons of Mercy starts with somber acoustic guitar melodies and slowly and steadily, this is juxtaposed with a riff that sounds like a slow marching army. The track finds a good balance between heaviness and sweeping melodies. The throaty growls contrasts quite well with the wave of melody that is constantly churning throughout the length of the track.

Revelations in Rain manage to achieve a strong emotive quality with the use of melodies and one can’t help but feel immersed in the melancholic atmosphere. In a way, the band is able to let the listener truly experience the sepulchral coldness that one often associates with Russian winters.

‘Akrasia’ is scheduled to be released on 17th October 2016, through Solitude Productions. 



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