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VIDEO PREMIERE: Swedish Grindcore Band Resonance Cascade

Resonance Cascade Split

Sweden has plenty of great grind bands, and I still feel like I’m finding new ones worth checking out on a regular basis.  This month I’ve been introduced to Resonance Cascade, a newer grind act that formed in 2012 and released their first recording back in 2014.  On February 24th they’ll be releasing a split with fellow Swedes Järnbörd courtesy of WOOAAARGH, Everydayhate, and Downfall Records, giving listeners another chance to hear their gnarly, razor sharp grind.  With the split a little over a week away from coming out, Resonance Cascade has put together a video for the song Dead Peasant which we’re excited to exclusively premiere today.

Pulling from the classic grindcore style, the majority of the songs on Resonance Cascade’s side of the split fly by quickly at a minute or two in length, with the longest coming in at just under three.  The group uses these shorter timeframes to quickly establish a maelstrom of violent sounding guitars, bass, and drums that hit with the force of a nuclear bomb.  Dead Peasant is no exception, as the band crams a calculated attack in the span of a minute and a half that is sure to leave you feeling bruised and battered after it comes to an end.  Resonance Cascade’s members come from a metal background so perhaps it’s not that surprising that the tonality is a bit closer to Swedish death metal as the guitars have that gnarly, buzzsaw sound to them.  That’s what initially drew me to this material, as the filthy guitar and bass riffs tear through you with precision while the drums pummel away relentlessly across the short run-time.  Plus vocalist Johan has a harsh, jagged scream that’s just as piercing as the guitar tone, which makes a strong impression.  The video contains some footage that looks like it’s showing a poverty stricken family trying to survive in barren lands, and I’m curious what film this was pulled from, as the band has edited it to fit the song perfectly.

Resonance Cascade

Devotees of that HM-2 tone will likely be drawn to Resonance Cascade, as they’ve taken that familiar buzzsaw, filthy sound and used it to create fast, raging grind tracks.  Their side of the split doesn’t let up for a second, and the combination of the gnarly riffing, chaotic drumming, and Johan’s heavily distorted screams and growls are sure to pummel you into submission.  Grab the split from WOOAAARGH, Everydayhate, or Downfall Records on February 24th.

Resonance Cascade | WOOAAARGH | EveryDayHate | Downfall Records


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