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US black/death metal entity VEILBURNER sign to Transcending Obscurity Records

Veilburner have proved their worth by releasing three full lengths of mind-boggling, dissonant and experimental black/death metal. That is exactly the kind of bold, genre-pushing music we enjoy over at Transcending Obscurity. Veilburner‘s upcoming album will see the light of day via the main international label, Transcending Obscurity Records.


Transcending Obscurity owner Kunal Choksi states, “I love the audacity of this band which is rare to find nowadays. I personally ended up reviewing their latest record ‘The Obscene Rite’ for the site, and going by the way the band is progressing, I’m sure their new album via their first ever label, will surpass them all. With such burning passion and creativity, I can only hope to give Veilburner their due and will wait eagerly for the band’s next output.”

Veilburner comment, “At the stroke of 666 Facebook “likes”, Veilburner made an alliance with a demon of the metal underworld. We were offered a chance to transcend obscurity and reach new audiences by joining an ever-growing army of infernal minstrels, and we accepted. Veilburner is happy to report that we have signed a contract with Transcending Obscurity Records, brainchild of Kunal Choksi, who has been a steadily-rising force in the extreme music scene for over ten years. Operating out of Mumbai India, Kunal has faced many challenges over the years in building his reputation, being so far away from the usual hotbeds of extreme metal, but has overcome them all through sheer will, determination, and passion for extreme music. As a band, we were extremely impressed by that level of dedication and work ethic, and his accomplishments to date. We’re excited to be placing our next record in his hands, and look forward to being a member of his superb roster of bands from all over the globe. We expect our next record to continue the same unique, genre-defying atmosphere and quality we have crafted over the course of our last 3 albums, and look forward to melting your ears off and twisting your brain with our next batch of songs.”


Veilburner join the roster having black/death metal bands like Infinitum Obscure (Mexico), Sathanas (US), Norse (Australia), Sepulchral Curse (Finland), The Furor (Australia) and others. Listen to their current album ‘The Obscene Rite’ here  –

Veilburner Facebook | Veilburner Bandcamp | Transcending Obscurity Band Roster


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