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US black metal band NOLTEM sign to Transcending Obscurity Records

We haven’t been signing a lot of bands lately and it’s even more so the case when it comes to black metal but sometimes you come across music that appeals to you strongly and you’re forced to reconsider your plans. Noltem happens to be that band. I’ve never heard of them before but their music is heartfelt, unassuming and poignant. We’re pleased to sign a multiple album deal with them and hope to do our best for this talented and ambitious band. Their music should appeal to fans of Agalloch, Saor, label mates Felled and more.

Band’s statement – “We’d like to thank Kunal and Transcending Obscurity for adding us to their roster of excellent bands. Noltem’s first demo was released in 2005 but we truly feel that this is a new beginning. It’s clear how hard this label works for their artists, so we are beyond excited to see where the relationship takes us.

 Our debut full-length album “Illusions in the Wake” is a natural progression from the 2015 EP “Mannaz”. The listener can expect focused songwriting with atmospheric layering and greatly enhanced production courtesy of Spenser Morris (Saor, Panopticon, Vukari, etc.). While our original core influences still remain, this album combines various new elements which result in a unique artistic statement. Featuring guitar solos from Zach Miller (Pyrithe), Jordan Guerette (Falls of Rauros), and Aaron Carey (Nechochwen), “Illusions in the Wake” displays a wide variety of experimental, black, and death metal influences. Noltem ventures to create something new and engaging while simultaneously paying tribute to classic bands from the past. For fans of: Agalloch, Vintersorg, early In Flames, Saor, Marsh Dweller, Nechochwen, Falls of Rauros, etc…

Noltem is:
Max Johnson (acoustic and electric guitars, additional keys)
John Kerr (vocals, drums, keys, additional guitars)
Shalin Shah (bass guitars)

Track listing –
1) Figment
2) Illusions in the Wake
3) Beneath the Dreaming Blue
4) Submerged
5) Ruse
6) On Shores of Glass

The spectacular cover art is a piece entitled “As the Winds Blow” by Anthony Hurd (https://anthonyhurd.com). We believe that this painting is the perfect visual representation of our album. See for yourself!

A brand new song will be unveiled shortly via the upcoming 2021 Transcending Obscurity label sampler.

Noltem Facebook | Noltem Bandcamp


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