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‘Transcending Obscurity Classics’ – new sub-label announced

It’s time to revisit the classics all over again. After starting a sub-label in 2013, Transcending Obscurity India, meant for bands from the Indian subcontinent to the rest of Asia, Transcending Obscurity is keen on re-releasing sold out albums, with official licensing and excellent packaging, under the new sub-label ‘Transcending Obscurity Classics’. As the term denotes, it’s essentially classic quality. Bigger, sold out releases will be covered as well as the more obscure ones, as the essence of the label remains the same for all sub-label divisions.

The first release to be put out under this new division is ‘Once Entombed…’ which is a compilation of all previously released material by the excellent Greek death metal band called Abyssus. Below is the artwork for it.

Abyssus are a new sensation in the death metal underground, known for their Obituary-esque traits as well as their crust-laden old school death metal leanings. The band successfully reinvigorate the fire lacking in today’s death metal music, by circumventing the modern elements and just going primal both in rage and sound. This release puts together their latest split material with crust grinders Slaktgrav, their infamous EP ‘Summon the Dead’, which was also on the split with Czech death metal grime-peddlers Morbider, as well as their split with death metal warlords Nocturnal Vomit, and finally, their debut EP ‘Monarch to the Kingdom of the Dead’ – all in reverse chronological order, having the latest material first. The energy is barely contained on this single disc, which reverberates with untamed enthusiasm, purest intentions and a sound that hearkens back to the irresistible, untouched-by-fate golden period of death metal.


Transcending Obscurity Classics label head Kunal Choksi states, “I’m about the biggest fan of ‘Slowly We Rot’-era Obituary, and until now, the magic of that style of death metal has never been successfully recreated. Abyssus, especially with the material on ‘Once Entombed…’, rival that very period of Obituary, as well as add an extra dose of thrashy/crusty wickedness to the sound. This, of course, is in addition to the vocalist Kostas sounding uncannily close to John Tardy. There’s something in the vibe of this material of Abyssus that’s simply unparalleled. It makes the original death metal fan inside me come alive.” 

Abyssus frontman Kostas Analytis comments, “We are more than happy being a part of the Transcending Obscurity family and having our release as the premier release of the new sub-label Transcending Obscurity Classics. We are thankful to Kunal and really thrilled for this collaboration. ‘Once Entombed…’ will show to all the band’s race from the very beginning till today. Excited!”


Abyssus will also be featured in the Transcending Obscurity Label Sampler – ‘Volume 1’.

Pre-order the limited edition CD here | Abyssus Facebook | Transcending Obscurity Facebook






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