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THE FOG – Premiere + Interview

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The Fog have created something that doesn’t come out too often, at least not with this level of conviction and malice. Playing a slowed down form of death metal, the band seem to enunciate every painful aspect of their music, making it sound more vicious and forceful than is considered the norm. The Fog are signed to the excellent underground label Memento Mori, and are on the verge of releasing their full length debut on January 25th, 2016. Before that happens, here’s a short interview coupled with an exclusive premiere to know what’s been happening at their end.


Transcending Obscurity (Kunal Choksi): What can you tell us about The Fog? Why have you named the band as such?

The Fog: We are a German death/doom metal band hailing from the German city of Mainz, active since spring 2014. The band is consisting of C.C. Defiler (bass), V.Lord (vocals, guitars) and Avenger (drums). So far we released a four-track demo tape entitled ‘Void Nexus’ and and our debut album ‘Perpetual Blackness’ will be out very soon.

The name “The Fog” is short and concise and also belongs to a great song of the masters of primitive evil, Goatlord. Besides, no other well-known band has used the name before.

TO: How conducive has the German scene been for creating death/doom music of this type?

The Fog: Difficult to say. Conducive in a way that more people seem to actually like our music than we originally expected, haha. But I don’t know any other German bands doing a similar style, so there’s no death/doom scene in a way that there are several bands which influence each other. There are of course quite some great German metal bands, but none which had influence on our specific kind of music.

fog example

TO: The music hearkens back to the early Asphyx days when the death metal music was played out in an expansive fashion, almost enunciating the intention; that way the death metal essence wasn’t lost while the music took on a different approach. Why have you selected to play in this style as opposed to playing straightforward death or doom metal?

The Fog: After my opinion, the primitive death/doom approach is just perfect to create mean and creepy music. Classic doom metal lacks this special kind of evilness, while “straightforward” death metal goes for a different atmosphere. But this way, you get it both, stripped to the bones. In addition, it is a style not that extensively explored by other bands, leaving room to create an distinctive mark.

TO: What made you choose the cult death metal label Memento Mori from Spain for your debut full length?

The Fog: Shortly after we released the first song of our demo tape, Raul from Memento Mori and contacted us an told us, after hearing the complete demo, that he would like to release a future album of The Fog. Back then, it was not quite what to do next, we also considered doing a second demo or an MLP. But when we decided to go for an album, the offer was already there. And Raul has the necessary passion for the music we do for sure. A label that has done stuff like the Delirium (NL) or Spina Bifida re-releases certainly also fits The Fog.

TO: Looking back, are you happy with the music you’ve created? What are your expectations from this release?

The Fog: Sure we are. If not, we wouldn’t have made an album out of it. Of course there are always some things which could be done a little bit better, but there’s no way to avoid this. There is no such thing as perfection. And we don’t long for it, anyway. We don’t have any expectations regarding hopes to achieve anything, as we do not really care about achievements. Of course it is nice to reach people which are passionate for this kind of music as well as to play some intense gigs. But first of all, we want to create music we are content with, and we achieved it.


TO: What is the lyrical theme about on ‘Perpetual Blackness’? How important are lyrics to your band?

The Fog: ‘Perpetual Blackness’ features several lyrical themes, including the senselessness of all being, visions of dystopia, cosmic chaos and mental disease. In a way, a lot of the lyrics lead back to the senselessness of existence, as everything dealing with endings in one way or another implies the former. If nothing lasts, what sense can anything have?

The Fog: However, in my view, the lyrics are secondary to the music. We do not make songs to express something lyrical-wise but make lyrics to support the atmosphere of our songs. Which does not mean that we don’t care about the quality of the lyrics, even if our music is quite primitive.

TO: Do you play live? Do you have any shows planned for the promotion of this release?

The Fog: Yes, we do. We played our first gig in Koblenz last year’s October. No special release show or similar is planned, but we will do some more shows this year. Three gigs are already confirmed, and there’s more to come if everything goes well.

TO: All the best with your release. Last words are yours. If there’s anything that you’d like to add about this album and its creation, they go here.

The Fog: Thanks Kunal. I leave self-adulation to others. Our album ‘Perpetual Blackness’ will be out through Memento Mori Productions on January 25. There will also be an LP version later this year.

Memento Mori Label | The Fog Facebook | Memento Mori Facebook




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