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SPECIAL PREMIERE: Eccentric Pendulum talk about their new single ‘Resisting Another Equation’

Eccentric Pendulum are a progressive metal band from Bangalore, India. They released the EP ‘Sculptor of Negative Emotions’ in 2009 and the album ‘Winding The Optics’ in 2011. Winners of the Indian leg of the Wacken Metal Battle, the band were the first to represent India at the global metal battle at Wacken Open Air 2011.

I spoke to the band about their new single “Resisting Another Equation” and also their future plans.


Transcending Obscurity (Peter): Your music has a mathematical theme, the album had a song “Mathematicians of Ambient Wa­ters”. Does your new single “Resisting Another Equation” also follow in that theme? Can you please tell us a more about it?

Eccentric Pendulum(Arun): We would like to answer this with some more questions. When we think about philosophy and Music, it is only natural to look not just for overlap but also, hopefully, for a solid connection. When we phrase it as the questions “What is Music?” and “What is Math?”, the common ground becomes obvious since music is a mathematically generated phenomenon. Music can be directly processed using electronics but when we create music as a metal band, we are not just trying to meet some abstract, mathematical aesthetic criterion of elegance and beauty. What is more important for us is to evoke the biochemical effect that music, unlike other mathematical phenomenon, has on us as a band and on our listeners in a similar way.

What is this ‘similar way’ in which this song affects us and our audience?

This song is about getting out of your comfort zone. It’s about resisting something that may not be in your favor, be it over a span of years or be it just in a span of two minutes. It’s about resisting that quintessential change that occurs in ones life at all level, primarily psycholgical but also physiological and social, etc. It’s about restoring rest, to resist and reset another equation.

TO: The single sees you heading into a heavier direction compared to your album ‘Winding the Optics’. Is this the plan for your future releases?

Eccentric Pendulum: Yes, in the older album we had based our songs slightly more on the melodic side, here we try a simpler style and mostly you feel this because of its direction w.r.t the guitars. This song was done as a four piece in 2013 after one of our guitarist quit, hence the result is a quite straightforward simple attempt with the entire band grooving to the riffs. The future will be slightly different to our debut effort as we concentrate on riffs instead of melodies and solos, as most of the tracks have been done as a quartet not a quintet. Probably the new album would be a more in-your-face simpler effort. We are going to try hard to get our dynamics in place and the entire band sound and philosophy in place with the next release.

TO: What impact has a new vocalist Kaushal (Ironic Reversal) had on the songwriting process?

Eccentric Pendulum: The additional of the new vocalist to the band couldn’t have been at a better time – it was soon after the departure of our founding member/vocalist Nikhil that we requested Kaushal to join us. The decision was spontaneous and not like we considered one another name to fit in the bill. We were impressed with the power and the dynamics that this person could render both onstage and in the studio. If it were not for him, we would have tried to get a clean vocalist perhaps which would only mean that Eccentric Pendulum might have sobered down, but we are at this juncture to do the opposite.


TO: The single sounds really good. Was it recorded at your jam room/recording studio? What was the recording process? How long did it?

Eccentric Pendulum: It was tracked at our friends place. He is the man behind Limit Zero, Shreyas Skandan, and this was one last favour rendered by him to the band before he left to the States to study further. We share a member with this band. The recording process was quite simple as this was a zero budget endeavour for the band – the drums were recorded at Shreyas Skandan’s residence/studio, then guitars were tracked followed by bass, and the vocals were recorded at our ex-member Faheemul Hassan’s own studio – Aham Studio. The song took about 3 months of fragmented effort to finally fall in place, it was mixed and mastered by our friend in Germany Daniel Bernath who also mixed our debut effort. We will talk about fragments a little more may be. The artwork to represent this track was done by Alex Eckman Lawn, who we’ve worked with before this on our debut EP.

TO: What are your plans for 2016? Is there a new album/EP in the works?

Eccentric Pendulum: Coming back to fragments, we would like to explain quoting Architectural theorist Rozen Ventzislavov, “A fragment is usually considered a piece or, strictly, a piece of debris. In this sense a fragment is necessarily incomplete and subordinate to the whole that completes it. Each piece of a jigsaw puzzle can thus be looked upon as a fragment of the puzzle as a whole, every side of the piece contoured so it fits into a general structure. But it is clear that, while philosophical and architectural [for us, Musical] pieces are often partial, they are just as often able to resist the expected unity, their outer contours suggesting alternative puzzles or none at all.”

We aim to pick up these scattered debris across our roots in metal which we will mix with these new notions from aesthetic theory and with these new members in the band, get it all together and see if it fits. So our new effort/album coming out in 2016 might be something heavier at the same time something that is more fragmented or unorthodox in subtler ways that one may not notice.

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