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SPECIAL NEWS: Systemhouse33 tour Europe and throw some light on it

Mumbai-based thrash/groove metal band SystemHouse33 have secured for themselves a massive multi-city tour across Europe with none other than genre greats Six Feet Under. Samron Jude, the frontman of the band, writes in to tell us about it, revealing information about the tour and the upcoming release titled ‘Regression’.



Transcending Obscurity (Kunal Choksi): Congrats on this massive tour! Touring with Six Feet Under would be a dream come true for many Indian bands. How do you feel about this?

SystemHouse33 (Samron Jude): Thanks Kunal! Yes, it is a dream come true for SystemHouse33. For an Indian metal band like us to get the opportunity to tour with death metal giants like Six Feet Under is something we are just thankful for, because touring with a well-known international metal band on their own tour is very rare and we are all super stoked.


TO: How have SystemHouse33 band members prepared for this massive tour? 

SystemHouse 33: We have worked really hard with our music – we’ve taken two years to record the new album ‘Regression’, faced a number of challenges on the way, but playing music is a gift which comes with responsibility. We have not let things get us down and we’ve used the past couple of months to understand every aspect of our music since we’ve been recording the album and then jamming to the tracks almost every day, as we’re taking our music to the international stage and also taking things to the next level.

TO: What can we expect from the band in the foreseeable future? Can we expect a change in sound?

SystemHouse 33: Our sound is more thrash and groove metal now and we plan to be true to this. We have experimented a lot in the past, but we’ve found our sounds and we’re sticking to it so expect heavier groove-thrash from SystemHouse33. Besides we hope to play more international gigs and get some videos out, besides our new merch.


TO: There have been some lineup changes. Is there a new strategy in place? 

SystemHouse 33: We’re back with our old line-up which was from 2009-2011 and this has been our best and tightest SystemHouse33 line-up – for that, one needs to come to our live shows and check us out. We are among the tightest metal acts in the scene and we take our music very seriously because we want people to experience the music and also remember it.

we’d be happy if our music inspires other people


TO: Please explain the usage of the title ‘Regression’ for your upcoming release. It’s rather apt, especially for our country, where on one hand there are technological developments and on the other, people are becoming more close-minded in their mindset. 

SystemHouse 33: Yes, you pointed that out well. We thought of ‘Regression’ as a concept as because it is the paradox of progress. It seems like we are doing a lot more, but the feeling isn’t good at the end. A lot of people take the wide path in life because its so appealing to their immediate needs that they don’t realize the harm it might be causing people as long as they get what they want. It’s a rat race and everyone is for their own selves and that’s what we intend to highlight in the tracks of our album ‘Regression’. People need to start giving more, I truly believe in that. We want people to realize the evil around and to stand up for themselves.


TO: Do you have any shows/releases lined up for the Indians, after this European tour? 

SystemHouse 33: We are looking to do a tour in India, but nothing has been finalized yet, besides looking at one-off shows promoting the new album ‘Regression’.

TO: The last words are yours. You can sign off by telling us what has kept the band alive, with humble beginnings in Nagpur, to where it is now, about a decade later. What keeps the band going?

SystemHouse 33: Music is one of the ways we can give back to the people out there. It’s as simple as inspire to get inspired. When you come from a small town like Nagpur, music really speaks to people like it did to us and then it saw us move to Mumbai. So we’d be happy if our music inspires other people as we have worked really hard with it and 12 years later, SystemHouse33 is still in the scene putting out their new album ‘Regression’ and on tour with Six Feet Under in Europe. Some people have supported an believed in us and we are grateful for everything, but in the end, you need to have the vision and work towards it and I believe that’s exactly what SystemHouse33 is all about. We want to take this album to as many places as we can.


SystemHouse33 Facebook | SystemHouse33 Official Site


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