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SONG PREMIERE: Vidian- A Piece of the End

Vidian- A Piece of the End

Arachnophobia Records has been a regular provider of some of the most intriguing metal bands that Poland has to offer, with each one heading off in a fairly different direction. While some labels seem content to build a roster of like-minded bands, Arachnophobia seems to be showcasing how diverse Poland’s metal talent really is. One of their latest discoveries is Vidian, who self-released two full lengths before signing a deal with the label for this year’s four song ‘A Piece of the End’ EP, due out on May 25th. Two days ago the band posted the title track on their YouTube channel, and we’re excited to have the chance to give you an early listen.

It’s hard to really pin down Vidian into one distinctive genre, as this isn’t one of those clear-cut examples where a group is specifically trying to play black metal or death metal. Instead, they’ve woven a mixture of death metal, groove metal, and progressive metal that has a modern sound without coming off as too simplistic. The slower, bottom heavy grooves and commanding bark/growl of singer Szy reminds me a bit of Gojira, but there’s a consistently progressive slant to the way that these guys approach their songwriting. A Piece of the End expands outwards, taking the death metal and groove elements and stretching them out into more of a sludge sound with natural transitions that hold everything together.


The term groove metal can sometimes be a bit of a turn-off for some people, as it often implies that there’s a simplistic, mainstream direction to the material, but that isn’t the case here. In Vidian’s case the grooves are the underlying base that they use to drive their sound forward, and it does give them a bit more mainstream appeal than some, but the somber melodies and diverse instrumentation the group places over top of it makes this one feel genuinely exciting. Szy also heads into cleaner territory about halfway through the song, and it’s done in a way that adds to the melancholy and gives the material a multi-faceted feel. Provided that there haven’t been many bands that have been able to touch Gojira’s particular blend of heavy and accessible elements, that works in Vidian’s favor and I’ll be interested in hearing what the other three songs on this EP are able to offer.

Vidian Facebook | Arachnophobia Records


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