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SONG PREMIERE: U.S. Black/Speed Metal Band Bewitcher

Bewitcher- Bewitcher

I first came across Portland’s Bewitcher courtesy of their 2015 demo ‘Midnight Hunters’, which provided three songs of high flying black/speed metal with a healthy dose of NWOBHM influences injected into the mix.  It was a quick burst that had the requisite amount of killer riffs and sleaze, and left me wanting more.  This year my wish is being granted, as the band has prepared their self-titled debut for a vinyl release on August 18th from Diabolic Might Records, with a CD coming from Divebomb Records September 9th.  With the vinyl release imminent, we’re pleased to present you with a stream of the song Sin Is In Her Blood.

The band says this about the song: “Sin Is In Her Blood” is one of the first songs written and demoed when we started the band. The lyrics are about a Satanic mistress who does exactly as she pleases and always gets what she wants; often at the expense of some unsuspecting sucker. The music, much like her, is fast, dirty, mean and doesn’t let up until it’s finished with you!” 

That description right there should tell you need to know about the track, as it’s one of those that you’ll want to crank up right from the start and down some beers to.  Wasting no time in hitting listeners with a blazing maelstrom of guitars and drums, the lead riff is absolutely killer and had me pumping my fist in the air only a little ways into the song.  Bewitcher has managed to get a sound that is clear enough to make out the details without sacrificing any of the sleazy, dirty tonality that’s an absolute necessity for a black metal and speed metal combination like this.  Joel Grind definitely knows his stuff when it comes to mixing and mastering this stuff, and he’s done another fantastic job here!  Plus you’ve got some prominent bass lines, which is something I always welcome in music of this type.  Bands like Midnight and Gehennah come to mind as you make your way through this song, but it doesn’t feel like the riffs are pulling too closely from either bands repertoire and instead offer up their own take on filthy heavy metal.


The vocals are where I’m picking up that heavier resemblance to Midnight, as Bewitcher’s singer has a similar raspy scream that reminds me quite a bit of Athenar.  It’s one of those performances where the vocals are drenched in filth and sleaze, and despite the abrasiveness of the entire ordeal it’s enunciated well enough that you can make out every word.  That’s something that I love in this genre, as there are vocal lines that I could easily see fans screaming along to in a live setting.

These guys absolutely nail the vibe here, and Sin Is In Her Blood consistently kicks your ass from beginning to end.  The full release has nine songs in total, and if you’re a fan of bands like Midnight, Gehennah, or Toxic Holocaust this is a must have.  Bewitcher’s self-titled full length is out on vinyl and digital formats August 18th, with the CD releasing September 9th.

Bewitcher | Diabolic Might Records | Divebomb Records


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