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SONG PREMIERE: Spanish Thrash Metal Band No Amnesty

No Amnesty- Psychopathy

Thrash is one of those genres that tend to be dominated by long-running bands, often split between acts that have been around since the 80’s and ones that led to the style going through a resurgence in popularity in the early 2000’s.  But there are still promising newcomers coming out on a regular basis from around the world, and Spain’s No Amnesty definitely falls into that category.  Compared to some of the others out there that have put out material fairly quickly No Amnesty has had a bit more time to hone their skills, with this year’s ‘Psychopathy’ full length coming nearly four years after the ‘A New Order for Attack’ EP.  The band’s lineup has changed a bit since then, with ex-Fuck Off singer Albert now behind the mic, but it’s clear that they’ve delivered a debut that’s full of scorching riffs and soaring vocal lines.  With ‘Psychopathy’ due out on November 14th, today we’re premiering the lyric video for the song Among the Blind so you can discover the high flying thrash these guys are capable of delivering.

Before we go any further, let’s talk about the vocals on this song.  Thrash is often hit or miss for me depending almost entirely on the singer, as it isn’t uncommon to find killer riffs and solos held back by off-pitch singing or average screaming.  That’s certainly not the case here, and while you’ll find a lot of variation to the performance throughout ‘Psychopathy’ on Among the Blind the emphasis is on singing that moves between aggressive ranges and soaring falsettos that channel traditional heavy metal as well as old-school thrash.  It’s a great fit for the fast paced attack the instrumentalists of No Amnesty provide on this particular track, and as the pace picks up the falsetto only seems to get higher and higher pitched.  There are also some backing gang vocals and lower ranges that almost seem to be mandatory for thrash these days, but the soaring nature of the singing and screaming is what caught my attention almost immediately.

No Amnesty

The vocal work may be what catches your attention initially, but that doesn’t mean that the instrumental work is lacking.  Among the Blind spends much of its run time focused on speedy attacks that are filled out by a bottom end that is packing some punch.  Although the guitars certainly get much of the focus here, the bass and drums are audible and help to up the heaviness of the song as they hit you right in the chest.  No Amnesty’s overall sound is a familiar one, but when the riffs channel that fast, punchy sound and lead into some scorching solos they certainly do the genre justice.  ‘Psychopathy’ explores some varied tempos and softer sections later on, but it’s great to see that when these guys want to let loose and hit listeners with intensity and aggression that they can deliver a tightly played and catchy track like Among the Blind.

I really like what No Amnesty is doing on ‘Psychopathy’, as they switch things up regularly and play with the type of precision and intensity that drew listeners to thrash three decades ago rather than the loose repetition of “party thrash”.  Spain’s had its fair share of noteworthy bands playing this type of metal and these guys look to be another great addition.  ‘Psychopathy’ is out November 14th on Xtreem Music.


No Amnesty | Xtreem Music


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