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SONG PREMIERE: Salvadoran Death/Thrash Metal Band Conceived by Hate

Conceived by Hate- Death & Beyond

When it comes to killer death/thrash metal, Central and South America have plenty of bands worth taking note of.  From the earliest days of the genre to present day there’s plenty to like, and one of the groups to come across my radar recently is El Salvador’s Conceived by Hate.  Though they’ve been around since 2002, originally formed under the name Spiritual Demise before adopting their current name in 2003, this year’s ‘Death & Beyond’ is my first exposure to their music.  Due out on November 13th as a three way collaboration between Satanath Records, Morbid Skull Records, and Deathgasm Records, you know a band is capable of making an impression when three respected underground team up to release their album.  Today we’re premiering the title track from the album, the final and longest song that ‘Death & Beyond’ has to offer.

Spread across nine songs, Conceived by Hate does a great job of  transitioning between slower old-school death metal and raging death/thrash that recalls some of the most raw and primitive acts Central and South America have had to offer over the years.  The title track closes the album out with its longest song, coming in at a little over seven minutes in length.  But the band is able to make the most of this longer run-time, switching up the tempo more than once in ways that are able to grab your attention.  The instrumentals start off a little bit slower, coming in with ominous sounding guitar and bass work and bottom heavy drumming that hits you right in the chest.  About thirty seconds in the tempo has already started to increase, and the band settles into mid-tempo riffing that has that perfect combination of weightier instrumentals acting as a base to ominous melodic guitar leads.  It doesn’t take more than a few minutes before the thrash side of Conceived by Hate’s material comes through though, and when they do it results in scorching solos and raw intensity that rivals some of the best.  I really like the way that the group is able to seamlessly transition between the two, offering the foreboding atmosphere of old-school death metal and intensity of thrash, all in the course of a single song.

Conceived by Hate had a different vocalist on their debut full length ‘Pestilence Reborn’ in 2012, and since that time guitarist M.Q. has stepped up to fill that role.  He does a fantastic job on this track and the rest of the album, utilizing a raspier scream that sometimes gives off as much of a black metal vibe as a death metal one.  It’s the type of distorted pitch that works so well in extreme metal and all its variants, and while M.Q. sticks at around the same range for the majority of the album there’s something about the abrasiveness of his screams that keep them feeling razor sharp with each appearance.

Conceived by Hate

I’m always a fan of death/thrash that is able to switch things up frequently and doesn’t fall into repetitive patterns, and Conceived by Hate has accomplished that with ‘Death & Beyond’.  With commanding vocals and instrumental work that alternates between ominous yet abrasive melodies and scorching thrash, this is a group that knows how to leave a lasting impression.  Grab the album November 13th from Satanath Records, Morbid Skull Records, or Deathgasm Records.

Conceived by Hate | Satanath Records | Morbid Skull Records | Deathgasm Records


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