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SONG PREMIERE: Quercus – Silvery Morning

Slow, grim and melancholic – the music of Czech based funeral doom metal band Quercus can thus be summed up thus. This trio is set to release their third full length titled ‘Heart with Bread’ on Solitude Productions. With 5 lengthy tracks spanning over 55 minutes, the album is a long funeral dirge that guides the listener through desolate landscapes of woe.


The pipe organ amplifies the sorrowful nature of the music and the vocals sound like the screams of an anguished soul. The riffs are as heavy as they are slow and the band exhibits progressiveness in the song writing. The subtle melodic touches by the keyboards are effective in imbibing an emotional edge to the music.

Before the album drops tomorrow, we have a track streaming right now. Silvery Morning  is the shortest track on the record and in contrast to the rest of the album, it has a tone that is slightly uplifting. The atmosphere and the melodic riffs manage to evoke a sense of euphoria, which in an album as morose as this can come as a bit of respite. Quercus, with this track find a way to somehow bring a sense of closure after dwelling in the throes of sorrow for most part of the record.


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