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SONG PREMIERE: Killing for Company – Judas Cradle

The Norwegian death metal scene continues to unleash wave after wave of solid death metal acts. Latest to emerge from a scene that is rife with talent, is the Trondheim based power trio Killing for Company. Playing the old school variety of this style, the band’s music is rough, heavy and carries an abrasive edge that characterized the death metal bands from the late 80s and early 90’s. The band’s debut titled ‘House of Hades’ is ready to be unleashed this week on Via Nocturna.


Killing for Company carry a vicious bite when they’re letting loose riff after old school riff at a thrashy tempo. The riffs are crafted in a way that they invoke nostalgia, while not being derivative. There are melodic elements to be felt and they’re subtly weaved into the raw death metal framework. The Swedish death influence also manifests itself in the form of the solos, which the band is very adept at executing.

While the band packs a punch with it’s feisty tempos, it is the slower, more mid paced sections where Killing for Company come into their own. Tracks like Judas Cradle gives the band the opportunity to slowly and methodically macerate the listener with slabs of heavy riffs. While the band does set off on short sprints of increased pace, they eventually wind back into the same addictive groove.

Enough of me telling you about it. Before the album hits stores on the 29th of April, we have Judas Cradle streaming for you right now. Brace yourselves, hit play and give in to the groove.



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