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SONG PREMIERE: International Brutal Death Metal Band Neurogenic

Neurogenic- Ouroboric Stagnation

Comatose Music has a lock on some of the best brutal death metal on the market right now, and they’ve managed to snag another heavy hitter with Neurogenic.  Formed by Ukrainian guitarist Vlad Melnik (Derogation) in 2012, rather than recruiting band mates from his own country he reached abroad and brought an international lineup together.   With Russian bassist Anton Zhikharev (Back Door to Asylum, Fleshbomb), U.S. drummer Marco Pitruzzella (Six Feet Under, ex-Brain Drill) and Italian vocalist Matteo Bazzanella (Cerebral Paralysis, Indecent Excision) all on-board, Neurogenic set out writing their debut full length ‘Ouroboric Stagnation’ which will release on September 2nd.  Today we’re excited to exclusively premiere the title track to show you just how monstrous this album truly is.

You can tell that the writing experience these guys all have from other brutal death metal bands is at play throughout this album, as Neurogenic comes in fast and furious but doesn’t drag things out to the point of repetition.  The title track is a perfect example, coming in at just over two minutes.  On this particular song the instrumentals keep things towards the fast side, with Pitruzzella delivering a non-stop blast from the snare and bass drum that steadily hammers away at your skull.  The guitar and bass intertwine to create a swirling attack of down-tuned riffing that steadily blazes forward, only pausing around the three quarter mark to slow down ever so slightly.  All of these elements are what you’d expect from brutal death metal, but it’s delivered with an incredible amount of precision and the little details such as the bass lines that pop out make Neurogenic a bit better than the norm.  Plus I have to give a shout out to whoever handled mixing and mastering for this release, as the instruments are well balanced and the drums aren’t compressed to the point that they sound like a tin can, which happens so often in brutal death metal.  Matteo Bazzanella’s got the low guttural ranges down perfectly, and he alternates between extremely low, distorted growls and squeals regularly throughout the album.  The title track lets him show off how much intensity he can put into his performance, and is one of the songs where he’s given the spotlight as there are some well-known guests that make appearances elsewhere on the album.


Neurogenic’s debut delivers everything one could want from a brutal death metal band, as their songs emphasizes unrelenting instrumentation and intense vocals but the level of precision and nuances that pop out throughout the material make them stand above quite a bit of the competition.  Crank up the title track and let the band unleash their attack!  ‘Ouroboric Stagnation’ will be out on September 2nd and it looks to be another strong statement from Comatose Music, as well as a promising start for a group that spans the globe.

Neurogenic | Comatose Music


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