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SONG PREMIERE: Evil Reborn | Neck Breaking Death Metal from Venezuela

While most Central and South American bands make death metal that is often blackened and bestial, Venezuelan entity Evil Reborn take the genre back to its roots. On their debut full length ‘Throne of Insanity’, which is set to be released on Satanath Records, this five piece plays pulverizing death metal that is thrashy and unforgiving in its assault. Packed with addictive riffs, this album comes as a treat to anyone looking for some down to earth death metal action.

Evil Reborn

While most of the tracks are straight forward death metal numbers, Evil Reborn does not hesitate to show off for a little bit. This is accomplished for the most part in the form of solos and  a bit of technicality in the song writing. This technicality is observed more in the bass work that often jumps to the forefront. Evil Reborn’s tracks pack a vicious bite and for mosh enthusiasts, this album provides plenty of opportunities to get rowdy.

As ‘Throne of Insanity’ gears up for release on 17th May 2016 through Satanath Records, we have an exclusive sneak peak into Evil Reborn’s debut. What better way to gauge a band’s sound than to check out the band’s eponymous track. On Evil Reborn, the band begins the proceedings on a high energy note with a raging thrash death riff, intense drumming and the sustained growls of the vocalist. The track settles into an infectious groove that will have the listener doing whirlwinds. There is also an example to the aforementioned technicality, as complex bass lines make their presence known during the stop breaks, before a short simple solo brings the track to a grand finish.

Brace your necks and dive into the insanity that is Evil Reborn.


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