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PREMIERE: Tyrannizer – Blackened Thrash/Death Metal from Mumbai

Tyrannizer are a new group from Mumbai, aiming to climb the ladder and make a mark for themselves. It’s not too unlikely for that to happen, if you consider the unique blackened death/thrash sound that the band indulge in. It’s a welcome change from the standard template that most bands use in the region, whether modern or old school, to cement their sound. The process is tougher, but this will ensure that the band carve a niche sound, and more importantly, an identity of their own.

This quintet consists of Aashay Papnoi on vocals, Aniket Shenoy on drums, the guitarists Dennis Das and Rahul Mhapsekar, and lastly Siddhesh Sangvekar on bass duties. Bloodstain is the second original song (first one being This is War) released by Tyrannizer, in addition to a Sepultura‘s Troops of Doom cover, and it sounds more refined in sound, without losing the edge. The rawness has been diminished, and with good reason, as this sounds more professional and clear. It’s evident that the band’s sound is evolving, and with better consistency in the future, it’s not hard to imagine the band becoming a new sensation from the city, and could well impress the jaded critics internationally as well. For now, stream this exciting new track below.

Bloodstain will also be a part of the massive Transcending Obscurity compilation that will come out in December 2015.

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