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Exclusive premiere: Russian doom metal band The Morningside


BadMoonMan Music and its parent company Solitude Productions have recently released some of the best doom metal music around. After Camel of Doom and Quercus, we are premiering a track from the Russian doomsters The Morningside‘s new album ‘Yellow.

‘Yellow’ is another masterpiece from The Morningside. The album returns to the style of the second full-length album, ‘Moving Crosscurrent Of Time’ with influences of progressive rock and post rock. The album is inspired by the novel ‘Slaughterhouse-Five’ by Kurt Vonnegut Character. ‘Yellow’, a character in the book, wanders through time in the yellow tram from the album cover. It’s a fresh and beautiful concept to base an album on.

The third track on the album Out of Nest stood out for me – it’s incidentally the song we are premiering on our site. The mid-paced track keeps the listener engaged with its melodic guitar solos. The melodies of Sergey Chelyadinov with the harsh vocals of Igor Nikitin make a killer combination. It reminds me of early Katatonia (circa ‘Brave Murder Day’), and that’s never a bad thing. The song is beautifully structured and has just the right amount of heaviness that’s needed for music of this sort.  It takes influences of several genres such as black metal, doom metal and death metal, and as mentioned before, elaborates on it by injecting influences of progressive and post-rock. Lasting at over seven minutes, because of its variations and melodic sensibilities, it doesn’t seem long and I would recommend everyone to give it a shot. 

BadMoonMan Music | Bandcamp | Solitude Productions Facebook | The Morningside Facebook


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