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PREMIERE: Praise The Flame – Chilean Death Metal Band

Praise The Flame-albumartwork

Death metal’s evolution over the years can be compared to the adaptability of a sentient creature to its environment. This music has evolved differently based on the character of its region of residence. Arguably one of the most twisted incarnations of this genre, originates from South America which can be accredited to the region’s tumultuous history in the early ’80s.

Praise the Flames, a Chilean trio carry the torch of this form fiendish, black/death metal into the current age. This unholy bunch of filthy death dealers comprise Necroterror on bass, JJ on guitar and vocals, and Druaghonik (who also plays for the cult band Death Yell) on drums. The band is currently gearing up for the release of their first full length, titled on ‘Manifest Rebellion’ on Memento Mori Records.


The band dwells in the raw, blackened tone that Chile is known for and made famous by bands like Pentagram, Cancerbero, Death Yell and Atomic Aggressor. Praise the Flames show that Chilean death metal is venomous as ever.

This band believes that conformism is for the weak and they show this through their music. Their upcoming full length sees them take a more refined approach that incorporates grooves, dissonant melodies and mid tempo rhythms, which shows evolution from the band’s breakneck thrash death approach on their ‘Profane Cult’ EP. However, the music has lost none of its viciousness and remains crushingly heavy as ever.

Take a listen to an exclusive stream of the track Endless Scourge’, which sums up what I’m talking about. Sporting a dark dissonant melody, the track follows a ebb and flow pace, showing Praise the Flame’s growth as songwriters. The relentless double bass and the sinister riffs should come as a treat to any death/black metal enthusiast.

The album drops on Memento Mori Records on September 21st, 2015.

Memento Mori Official Site | Praise The Flame Facebook 



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