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PREMIERE: French death metal band Post-Mortem


Post-Mortem are a French death metal band who have been around since 1995 and they have constantly been reinventing themselves through the last two decades and their music has also progressed into new and uncharted soundscapes with each new release proving their versatility and originality when it comes to death metal.

Their new album ‘God With Horns’ will be released by Great Dane Records on 15 February and this album is equal parts thrash metal and equal parts death metal. Fans of bands like Behemoth and Vader would love Post-Mortem and in the nine songs on the new album they prove their mettle again. In just over thirty minutes, they showcase old school thrash and some groovy death metal riffs. The  vocals don’t let you peg them down to any specific genre at times  and their songwriting elides classification.


Although their Bandcamp page describes them as “Brutal death metal old school in vein of Jungle Rot, Cannibal Corpse, Sinister and Dying Fetus“, the description falls short of justifying the mix of the old and the new Post-Mortem bring to the recording room.

Their music is an attack on the senses, too, dark, ruthless and amazingly tasteful. At times when some new fans to the genre hesitate to believe that death metal, can be scary – that it was way too blunt and clumsy a form of music to convey real fear, Post-Mortem can be useful to prove them wrong.

Great Dane Records | Post-Mortem Facebook | Bandcamp | Great Dane Facebook


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