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TORTURE RACK: Premiere + Interview

Torture Rack Barbaric Persecution

The dirty side of heavy metal music has a certain charm to it that allures me, more so than the cleaner styles. The band name itself gives away which side of the spectrum Torture Rack belong to and the music justifies this assumption. Playing a dirty, grimy version of death metal, the band hits every note one would expect from this style of music. The members have on their collective resumes, various black, death and grind bands from the Oregon area and this experience seems to have left it’s mark on the music of Torture Rack.

The band’s style of dirty death metal has undertones of black and thrash metal, which makes it a natural fit in the Memento Mori roster that features names like Dementia 13, Insepulto and Praise the Flame among others. The tracks on Barbaric Persecution are short, hard hitting numbers that seems to be written with the intent of causing maximum damage within a short span of time. With a generally thrashy pace, the riffs feel like chainsaws being hurled at the listener. The band embraces the filth, which is evident from the track names and the music itself.


Transcending Obscurity (Shrivatsan R): Hi guys. Tell us about your upcoming release, ‘Barbaric Persecution’

Torture Rack (JG): Barbaric Persecution’ is a collection of all our early songs from the ‘Medieval Mutilation demo days when we were just a 3 piece band to when Tony joined the band as lead guitarist. It reflects our style as a band and is a sign of the brutality to come.

TO: This album was originally released as a cassette and is now being re-released in CD format. As a band, which medium do you prefer and why?

Torture Rack (JG): The album will also be released on vinyl from Tim Parasitic in the near future. For me, I would say all mediums have their place. Vinyl sounds the best, CD’s are the most convenient probably, and tapes are the least expensive and my favorite way to check out new bands.

TO: All the members of the band are also part of other bands like Nekro Drunkz, Witch Vomit and Blood Freak. Does the experience from the other bands contribute to the song writing of Torture Rack?

Torture Rack (JG): I would say no. Torture Rack sounds different from all our other bands in that we are primarily focused on being as heavy and punishing as possible.

TO: What is it about bands from the Portland area that drives them to make filthy, abrasive metal? Is it something in the waters of Oregon?

Torture Rack (JG): There are many killer bands from here so the standard is high.

TO: Judging by the music, I imagine Torture Rack jam sessions to be really fun. What goes into a song writing session and how are tracks conjured?

Torture Rack (JG):  Yeah, we have a good time. We usually all collaborate on riffs then refine them to maximum heaviness. Then I’ll think up a general theme for the lyrics and come up with something.

Torture Rack

TO: Tell us about working with Memento Mori.

Torture Rack (JG): So far it’s worked out well but I haven’t dealt with that end of it really.

TO: The artwork of Barbaric Persecution manages to truly reflect the record’s contents. How did the artwork take shape?

Torture Rack (JG): We had Matt Hopkins Witchfinder do a shirt design for us. His style is gritty and brutal and his stuff hadn’t really been out there so I thought he would come up with something sick for the album. He knows we like to keep it fucking medieval. We are pleased.

TO: The death metal of Torture Rack is hard hitting and straight forward. What is your take on some of the modern death metal bands that complicate the music with over the top technicality?

Torture Rack (JG): If they want to be fucking nerds and play that shit then that’s up to them. They can’t hold a candle to our power brotherrrrrrr!

TO: Thank you guys for answering these questions. And good luck with ‘Barbaric Persecution’. 


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