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Officium Triste sign to Transcending Obscurity Records


Dutch doom metal legends, Officium Triste, are now officially signed to Transcending Obscurity Records. They join a roster comprising several new signings of bands like the death metal supergroup Echelon, dark death metal force Infinitum Obscure, Swedish post-black metallers Seedna, artwork legend Mark Riddick’s band Fetid Zombie, and lastly the Swedish death metal juggernaut Paganizer for an upcoming EP release. The release schedule will be announced shortly.

Transcending Obscurity Records (main label) owner Kunal Choksi states, “I’m a huge fan of Officium Triste and I know Pim from experience to be a very level-headed and passionate guy. Not only has he been a writer himself for Lords of Metal, but his band Officium Triste have also been interviewed on Transcending Obscurity before. The music has always remained world class and I believe the band have the potential to go a lot further. The emotive doom/death metal music is pure, soothing and incredibly heavy at the same time. It’s an honour and dream come true to work with Officium Triste for their upcoming full length release on the main label.”

Officium Triste comment, “We have been working on a follow-up to ‘Mors Viri’ for a while now. Even when we are still in the process of writing new material we are more than pleased Kunal and Transcending Obscurity offered to work with us on the release of our next album. It’s exciting to work with a label based in India. This only shows that boundaries mean nothing in the world of heavy metal. Kunal already proved to us he is a hard-working, dedicated guy. Add persistent to that as well. Kunal really did his best to reel us in and that determination is exactly what we need from a label. We are looking forward working with Kunal and will deliver the best possible album we can do. We only ask for a little patience before it actually will be out!”

Current Officium Triste band lineup:
Martin Kwakernaak – Keyboards
Gerard de Jong – Guitars
Pim Blankenstein – Vocals
Niels Jordaan – Drums
William van Dijk – Guitars
Theo Plaisier – Bass

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