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NIGREDO from Greece sign to Transcending Obscurity Records

We’re thankful to get support for all genres where it comes to our label, and the addition of NIGREDO to our roster couldn’t have come at a better time. 2017 has been great with very well received releases of all kinds of black metal bands like SOMNIUM NOX, NORSE, THE FUROR, MRTVI, ARALLU and even AFFLIKTOR, and 2018 looks even better with NIGREDO‘s new full length leading the way. One of their songs is streaming already and will also be a part of the upcoming Transcending Obscurity label sampler due in January 2018.

Transcending Obscurity Records owner Kunal Choksi states, “I’m extremely fortunate to come across some excellent bands and NIGREDO are definitely right up there. Their style of black/death metal is not only hard-hitting but also superbly concocted with the right sound and atmosphere. I feel it will go down as one of the highlights of 2018, when the album is scheduled for release. It’s been a breeze to work with A. thus far, who’s also in the reputed band RAVENCULT, and I can only hope that the band can get the attention they rightfully deserve by working with our international label.”

NIGREDO member A. comments, “For the release of the first full-length album of NIGREDO we were given the chance to work with Kunal and Transcending Obscurity Records. The label has already become a considerable force within the underground extreme metal scene in the recent years and is still growing with a constant stream of high quality releases. So let Saturn’s light of demise reach every obscure corner with the release of our album ‘Flesh Torn – Spirit Pierced’ in 2018!”

Current lineup:
A. –  Guitars, Vocals, Bass (RAVENCULT)

‘Flesh Torn – Spirit Pierced’ tracklisting:
1. Ten Repellent Antiforces
2. Necrolatry
3. Choronzon Possession
4. Mental Glimpses At Cosmic Horrors
5. Saturnian Death Cult
6. Sons Of Worthlessness
7. Towards The Monolith
8. Raging Tides Of Time

The album is scheduled for release early next year. Watch out for this one.

NIGREDO Facebook | Transcending Obscurity Records Bandcamp



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