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News Feature: SKRYPT talk about their new single – Oceans Alive

2015 has been a good year for Indian metal – bands like Albatross, Against Evil, Bevar Sea, Rectified Spirit all put out stellar releases. This year also promises to be another good year for Indian metal. To kick off this year we talk about a special song from the Hyderabad-based progressive metal act Skrypt. Their single Oceans Alive is a magnificent 14-minute opus.

I spoke to their bassist Abbas about the single, recording it and also their plans for the rest of this year.


Transcending Obscurity (Peter): It’s been 4 years since you released your ‘Discord’ EP. What have you been up to since then?

Skrypt (Abbas): Hey Peter. We actually started writing new music soon after ‘Discord’. We’ve got plenty of new material, enough for a new album as well. We’ve just been going through a lot as a band – lineup changes, personal issues with band members, work etc and that’s what has been holding things back for the band.

TO: I don’t recall any Indian band releasing a track in excess of 10 minutes, Oceans Alive clocks in at 14 minutes. How long have you been working on the track?

Skrypt: It wasn’t really a conscious decision to write a song this long. It just happened to turn into a song this long. We did spend quite a while on this song and reworked lots of parts of the song. Took us around 6 months to get the first draft of the song down but the song has always been evolving. We’ve finally reached a point where we are comfortable with our parts and this feels like the final version of the song.

TO: Oceans Alive sounds a lot more progressive compared to the tracks on ‘Discord’. Tell us more about the track. Is this the new direction for Skrypt?

Skrypt: We do have a lot more influences since ‘Discord’, but I don’t think necessarily reflects the new direction of the band. We could have released this along with our other new songs but felt it has its own story and concept so decided to put it out as a single. It’s pretty much like an EP of its own.


TO: Recording the track might have been a challenge. How did you go about it?

Skrypt: Recording this actually was a bit of a challenge. Being such a long song we had to make sure we got the parts down just right and got the layers how we wanted them. Once everything was tracked our vocalist (who lives in mumbai) headed to Sahil’s studio and tracked his vocals there. This was followed by the hunt for an engineer to mix the thing. We found the perfect guy – Keshav Dhar. We had approached him back in 2010 for ‘Discord’ but he was occupied with some other projects then. Luckily this time around our schedules matched and we could get this done. He’s just the nicest guy to work with.

TO: What are your plans for 2016? Any new release EP/Album planned?

Skrypt: We’re evaluating our plans for the year as well. I think we’re going to focus on recording and releasing some more material. Can’t say for sure yet because we don’t have a clue either. With Skrypt it’s always unpredictable. Even for us. Haha. We’ve got a lot of new material so just need to spend some time with it and try out put out the best music that we can.

Skrypt Facebook | Skrypt SoundCloud


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