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MORGUE SUPPLIER: Premiere + Interview

Morgue Supplier

For over 19 years now Morgue Supplier have been blending the abrasiveness of grindcore with dissonant death metal to create a seamless blend of harshness. Following a 7 year break, the band is once again ready to unleash some grinding madness over the masses, in the form of their self titled full length. The way Morgue Supplier constantly reinvent their own style, keeps the music fresh and memorable sets them apart from the rest.

Tracks like Rotting in an Alley exhibit a good play of tempos wherein the heavy opening doom riffs leaves the listener unprepared for the grinding assault that follows immediately. Instead of a constant and unrelenting assault, the music has an ebb and flow characteristic which adds some character to the music. The music on the record has a general dissonance and atonal quality to it which is not brought out often enough in the deathgrind circles. Even when all the innovative ideas are stripped away, ‘Morgue Supplier’ is still a solid death grind record at it’s core.

Transcending Obscurity (Shrivatsan R.): Hi Paul. It’s awesome to see a new release coming out from Morgue Supplier after 7 years. How excited are you about the self titled release?

Morgue Supplier (Paul Gillis): Hello Shrivatsan. Thanks, & yes, it’s damn exciting. We have worked extremely hard to get to this point.

12745755_10153461659203105_5348543642676585481_nTO: Morgue Supplier has a history of unstable lineups, which over recent years seems to have stabilized with you, Eric and Steve. To what extent does the stability, help in the creative process of the band? 

Morgue Supplier (PG): Yes, we have gone through a lot of members over the years. It helps quite a bit, actually because with stability, comes an easier form of cohesion. Once things start to gel, it’s nice to have a continuing creative relationship. That is when the serious shit usually happens.

TO: Eric has played the role of both a drummer and a guitarist in the past. The current release has him taking up the guitar duties after staying behind the kit on ‘Constant Negative’ EP. Does this change have an effect in the songwriting aspect?

Morgue Supplier (PG): True. Eric handles both positions as needed. He is a killer/versatile musician, & steps into whichever role is needed. He played drums & some guitar tracks on ‘Constant Negative’, & on the new album he handled drums & all of the guitar parts. It was what was needed to achieve the desired result. It does not change the songwriting aspect. We all write songs, & work with each other to finalize things.

TO: You have also been a key part of Drug Honkey over the years, which is stylistically quite different from Morgue Supplier. Do influences from Drug Honkey carry over into Morgue Supplier and vice-versa?

Morgue Supplier (PG): Yes, Drug Honkey is a different beast altogether. I assume some influences carry over to each side, but generally speaking, each band has its own identity, & I like it like that.

TO: From Crematorium back in ’92 to Morgue Supplier today, how has the extreme death metal / grindcore scene changed? In what ways has it improved and in what ways has it devolved?

Morgue Supplier (PG): It is very saturated. Sooooo many cookie cutter bands. Not enough bands doing their own thing. The loudness war is annoying as hell as well. There is a lot of talent out there, but way too many bands are concerned with over-playing, & being technical for the sake of being technical. Much feeling & atmosphere gets lost…

12688223_10153461659038105_6269302338890984348_nTO: As far as the vocals go, I hear a lot of early grind bands’ influence. Who inspires you to do this type of vocals?

Morgue Supplier (PG): Well, Lee Dorian is one of my biggest influences, so I guess naturally some of that comes to the surface. Although, I just do my thing without considering influence.

TO: Coming back to the self titled release, tell us how this album was conceived. How is this album different from the previous releases?

Morgue Supplier (PG): To be honest, there is no formula, & no major difference. We all write songs & bring them in.. We start to put them together, & they take a shape of their own. The album just started forming itself in time, & before we knew it we had an albums worth of music.

TO:  I understand you guys recorded the album by yourself. Does it give you creative freedom that you might not get with another producer?

Morgue Supplier (PG): We did. Eric did a lot of the recording, & I did some myself, as well as Adam, who is the drummer(co-founder) for Drug Honkey. Yes, it gives us complete creative freedom, especially during mixing/editing/mastering. We do it at our own pace, & to be honest I can’t imagine doing it any other way at this point.

TO: You produced a lot of fantastic videos for Drug Honkey. Can we expect some for Morgue Supplier as well?

Morgue Supplier (PG): Well, thank you very much. Actually an audio-visual guy named Faceplant & myself co-created a video for one of the tracks from the new album called Cultic Rape. It’s out there now. Here is the link, check it out:

TO: Your bands have received a cult following, here in India. Would we get to see you perform here sometime?

Morgue Supplier (PG): We would love to play in India. If the details & offer are good, we’d be in…

TO: I’ve always been curious as to how bands pick a particular album to be their self titled release. What made you decide to keep the name of the upcoming release eponymous?

Morgue Supplier (PG): Actually it ended up happening because we couldn’t decide what we wanted to name it. It is our most well-rounded release, & by far our best, so naming it ‘Morgue Supplier’ felt perfect in the end.

TO: Thank you for your time. We are really excited for ‘Morgue Supplier’ and we wish you the best. Anything you’d like to add?

Morgue Supplier (PG): Thank you for your interest. Much appreciated. We look very forward to unleash this beast upon the masses!!
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