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Flight’s Metalcore-ner

I like metalcore.  There, I said it.  Why should I be ashamed?  After all, if it wasn’t for Poison the Well or As I Lay Dying, I might never have progressed into melodeath and from there branched into the more extreme genres.  Even putting that aside, I argue that there is simply nothing wrong with the genre itself.  Sure, there are some dreadful groups out there that lower the bar for everyone, but isn’t that true of black and death metal as well?  With that in mind, the purpose of this new article is to bring you the latest and greatest of metalcore: stuff you may have no idea exists beneath the tired-sounding new releases being pumped out by major labels.  Here’s the 3 I picked for this time around.  If you like what you hear, be sure to comment about wanting a Round 2.


This is the most mainstream I’ll get with this list.  On Epitaph Records, UK band Architects has already seen some success, particularly since 2014’s glorious ‘Lost Forever//Lost Together.”  The group has a mathy side to their sound, with impressively technical drumming and guitarwork if you take the time to notice.  This alone is enough for me to support their cause, but frontman Sam Carter is a force to be reckoned with.  He somehow boils down all of that angsty, post-hardcore delivery down to its most primal core to spit some of the most delightful bile you’ve had the pleasure to hit you right in the ears.  I can’t get enough of those “BLECHS!” either.  It’s the new “UNGH!”  Watch for their new album, ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us,’ next month.  Try not to sing along.



Red Skies really blew me away with how much care they put into their new album.  For an independent release the writing, production, and performances are all top notch.  It’s a little metalcore, a little deathcore, a little djent; and it’s all good.  Even more impressive is that this outing for a young band is a concept album.  There is a clear passion here with a very strong foundation that I am convinced will only grow over time.  Guitar lines are insanely catchy, heavy, and fun from the dark, foreboding “New Voice,” to the somewhat bouncy, increasingly melodic tapping and solos of “Concept Citizen.”  Fans of Periphery will eat this up by the handful.  Check out ‘Iron Sun’ in full on Bandcamp.


Grounded deeply in the sounds of August Burns Red and early As I Lay Dying, this German band possesses the riffs, catchy breaks, and overall energy to get a big crowd moving.  ‘The Verdict’ is set to release May 13th, and it is a banger.  I had this promo on repeat for quite a while as I did my driving, and let me tell you I had a hard time sticking to the speed limit with these tunes blaring.  Their progressive edge makes for some interesting songwriting that isn’t exactly unique, but is always entertaining.  Take a moment to check out Rise of Mankind or Drowned when the album releases.  This is that good shit.


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