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Label Spotlight – Amputated Vein Records

This is a new feature over at Transcending Obscurity, where we feature the latest releases of a deserving label and throw more light on them. This, in a nutshell, helps the label and all the bands released under it. It also gives us an overall idea of the kind of releases that have been put out and their sound and quality. The first label happens to be this highly underrated brutal death metal one from Japan called Amputated Vein Records. The label has a sub-label as well, called Ghastly Music, but let us focus first on the main label. There are a handful of recent and noteworthy releases from bands from all over on the label and they can be read about below.

Parasitic Ejaculation – ‘Echoes of Depravity’


Released in early 2015, this US band hones the sound on their first release put out by the sub-label Ghastly Music, and has since been upgraded to the main label. Unlike most brutal bands imitating each other blindly (note: Disgorge/Devourment clones) this one imbibes influences from the genre’s prominent bands, including Dying Fetus, and vomits out a delicious splatter of guttural brutality with emphasis on sickness and fleshing out of the riffs than flat-out (and boring) high speed redundancy. This reminds me of bands like Dyscrasia and Terminally Your Aborted Ghost where the music is complex but somewhat fresh and sick. The vocal delivery is insane, punctuating the excellent riffing which is unpredictable yet hypnotic and groovy – it’s really something unique and I’ve got to say, this band is a notch above the rest in many ways. It does slam every now and then but when ensconced in such delectable structuring, it’s more than welcome and holds your interest. Great release and innovation within the confines of the genre’s aesthetics. Wicked cool artwork as well – not your regular misogynist shite.

Official Bandcamp Page

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Sickening – ‘The Beyond’


Not to be confused with other bands having a similar name, these Italians happen to be my pick of the Amputated Vein roster. Without delving too much into the sick or slammy aspect of this genre, they keep it fast and brutal, kind of like early Hour of Penance. It’s the kind of contemporary death metal that qualifies for the ‘brutal’ tag and pushes the whole genre ahead without leaving anything behind. The riffing is certifiably death metal, the European kind, and it’s this style of music that has the most lasting power. Austrian trailblazers Monuments of Misanthropy also come to mind, who’re doing something similar. This is fast, engaging and vicious brutal death metal music that’s laying waste to everything in its path. These guys are unstoppable and quite frankly terribly overlooked, simply because people mistake them for just another brutal death metal when they’re a lot more than that. ‘The Beyond’ inspired by the Italian horror movie by Lucio Fulci, could very well be one of the year’s best albums in this style along with Maggot Colony‘s ‘Spewing the Violated Souls’ and Analepsy‘s ‘Dehumanization by Supremacy’ for now.

Official Bandcamp Page

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Devour the Unborn – ‘Meconium Pestilent Abomination’

From Texas, these guys are obliterating the place. With lots of panache and drive, their blast-happy music provides that head-rushing dose of brutality that’s often missing in today’s preponderant slammy scenario. While slams are inevitable, they mix it up rather well, and paying tribute to the good ‘ol TXDM sound occasionally. This reminds me of the stellar output by Embalmed in recent times, as well as hearkens back to the days of Crucifix, Infernal Dominion and Sintury. This band’s death metal is pulverizing, heavy yet groovy, and fast as hell if you want it to be. Devour the Unborn mix it up really well, setting the standard a little high each time and happen to be a band to watch out for.

Official Bandcamp Page

Official Facebook Page

Crepitation – ‘The Violence of the Slams’

UK death metal is rising and this band along with Ingested, Porkfarm, Amputated and Party Cannon are leading the way. The vocals are too shrill than what you’d expect from this style, but more colour in this style of music could prove to be beneficial. The music is reminiscent of Amputated circa ‘Gargling with Infected Semen’ but perhaps that’s also due to the fact that one of the two vocalists on this record was a part of that one. This is animated, excitable and comparatively colorful brutal death metal with lots of flavour and an extra coat of sickness. The artwork is exceedingly morbid and their cheeky style reminds me of Foetopsy circa ‘In the Bathroom’ especially with the blast-ridden drumming.

Official Bandcamp Page

Official Facebook Page


Craniotomy – ‘Overgorged Flesh Flies Dying Slowly’

This Slovakian brutal death metal band has been peddling in this style of music before it got popular. The band’s early albums were quite overlooked but what’s important is that it’s still at it, putting out one massive sick slab after the other. Speed was never Craniotomy‘s forte, but given the style’s direction, groovy music integrated with powerful slams in their music rife with old school-style death metal riffing never hurts. It’s most reminiscent of Dying Fetus circa ‘Killing on Adrenaline’ upgraded to modern Devourment-esque standards, without completely abandoning their death metal roots. If it helps, the band has a penchant for Morbid Angel and early Deeds of Flesh style of riffing. Overall this is a potent, sick and slammy release for such fans out there.
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