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INTERVIEW + EP PREMIERE: U.S. Death Metal Band Impure Consecration

Impure Consecration- Succumb to Impurity Fire

Blood Harvest has a trio of killer releases planned for July 29th, and we’ve already premiered material from Supremative and Tomb Mold.  The last of the three set to come out on this date is Impure Consecration’s EP ‘Succumb to Impurity Fire’ which will be released on 7”.  Formed by A. Carillo (Invocation War) as a solo project that has since expanded to a full band, Impure Consecration plays death metal that has a hellish, occult sound to it and they’ve released quite a bit of material in a short period of time.  ‘Succumb to Impurity Fire’ follows a 2015 demo as well as a split and EP that already came out earlier in the year, and presents listeners with two new songs of monumental proportions.  You can stream both below.

For a band that just started to put out recorded material last year, Impure Consecration gives off the impression that they’re a bit more fully formed and have a clear vision of where they wish to head with their death metal.  The title track kicks things off with warlike drumming and a commanding guitar lead that expands outwards to create murky layers.  With the tempo sticking towards the slow side, the guitars weave around this heavier base in a way that gives off an occult, otherworldly feel, and things only speed up at key moments to bludgeon you into the ground.  The production values offer a considerable amount of clarity without sacrificing rawness, as the instrumentals sound razor sharp but it’s easy to hear what each one is doing.  The B-side Apparations of a Malevolent Spirit ups the rawness even further, and it actually sounds like these songs were mixed fairly differently.  It’s a bit more compressed by comparison, with the guitar and bass struggling to break free of the relentless drumming, but this direction works perfectly for the fast paced attack Impure Consecration has to offer.  While the instrumentals pummel away A. Carillo delivers a raspy scream that hangs over the recording with a mysterious, ominous feel.  It’s a combination that stands out, and while the brevity of this EP will leave you wanting more it’s a perfect tie-in for the band’s upcoming full length which will be out sometime in the near future.

 Anyone with an interest in death metal that skews towards an occult, mysterious sound will want to check out Impure Consecration, and you’ll want to act fast as this pressing is limited to 250 copies.  To learn more about the band and its creation, I had the chance to send some questions over to A. Carillo.

Transcending Obscurity (Chris Dahlberg): For those hearing Impure Consecration for the first time, give us a little background on when you formed the band and what you’re looking to achieve with it compared to the other groups you’ve played with.

Impure Consecration (A. Carrillo): Impure Consecration was conjured sometime in late 2014. I had written 3 songs around that time that really didn’t fit what I was doing with my other projects. I decided to find a drummer (C.Koryn) who helped record the first few releases including the new EP. The demo (‘Grave Maledict’) was released in late 2015. We did a few live rituals and shortly after went back to the studio to record the MCD (‘Consumed by the Venomous Curse’) alongside the new EP (‘Succumb to Impurity Fire’). Both were released this year.

TO: You’ve released quite a bit of material since last year, with ‘Succumb to Impurity Fire’ being the third release of 2016.  When were the two songs on this EP written and recorded in relation to ‘Consumed by the Venomous Curse’ and the split with Putrid?

Impure Consecration: Both the tracks were recorded around the same time as ‘Consumed by the Venomous Curse’ sessions. We decided to do a different mix compared to the MCD. The EP sounds raw and heavier than anything we had previously done. The split is just a compilation of Live/Demo tracks.

TO: Previous Impure Consecration releases had A.Carrillo handling guitar and bass with a session drummer, but since that time the band has expanded to a three piece.  Will this expanded lineup be for live performances only or are you now approaching upcoming recordings as a full band?

Impure Consecration: Yes we now have a full line up J.Palacios on bass and N.Espino on drums. They will both help shape and create the next deadly offerings. Hopefully we can find a worthy lead guitarist soon.

TO: What are some of your main influences, both in regards to your musical influences and occult/non-music elements that influence your lyrics?

Impure Consecration: Our influences range from Ancient Death metal gods such Shub Niggurath, Carnage, Sarcofago, Merciless, Mortem, Treblinka etc. We also dwell in Occult and morbid lyrical themes that fulfill our exploration of the abyss. We listen to all kinds of music that help shape our sound.

TO: ‘Succumb to Impurity Fire’ is your first release on vinyl.  What are your thoughts on the format, do you prefer it or is there another medium that you think is better suited for your material?

Impure Consecration: All of us in the band are huge vinyl/Cassette collectors. It’s great to have our material released on Black Wax. The Full length is planned to be released on wax as well.

Impure Consecration

TO: All of your releases have had stunning cover art that evoke an occult, otherworldly feel.  The art for ‘Succumb to Impurity Fire’ is no exception.  Who created this artwork, and how does it tie in to the ideas being explored throughout these two songs?

Impure Consecration: All the artwork has been done by our good friend Jan Pysander Whitney from (JDW Death My Only Friend Artworks). His vision definitely reflects in our music. The cover artwork for ‘Succumb’ invokes a hellish soul Devourer fitting the title track. Side B Apparitions of a Malevolent Spirit follows that same concept.

TO: Blood Harvest will release your upcoming full length as well as this EP.  How did the collaboration with the label come together?

Impure Consecration: We joined the coven that is Blood Harvest earlier this year. They did an amazing job for the EP. It was an easy call to join the BH ranks for the next desecrations. Rodrigo runs a great label by a true Die Hard maniac.

TO: You have some live dates coming up, including a performance in Tijuana in September.  Tell us more about these upcoming dates, and are there any shows in the works for later in the year/next year?

Impure Consecration: Yes! We head down south to Tijuana, Mexico to headline a few shows. October we play in our hometown with Deathhammer. Once the album is out we plan to do a few shows around the US and Mexico.

TO: I saw on social media that the full length will be titled ‘Drowned in Poisonous Fumes’, and should be out sometime in the fall.  Do you have any other early details you can provide?  Are there any approaches to writing/recording you’d like to handle differently compared to your earlier releases?

Impure Consecration: “Drowned in Poisonous Fumes” is actually just a song that will be on the full length. We don’t have the title set in stone yet, were still in the writing process. As of today we have written 4 complete songs. The plan is to enter the studio in the next couple of months. More news / updates on the album to be revealed soon.

TO: Is there anything else you’d like to say about Impure Consecration?

Impure Consecration: Thanks for the support… Contact for Impure Consecration is at Satanscross@hotmail.com. – https://impureconsecration.bandcamp.com/releases

We leave the past and enter the endless Void.

Impure Consecration | Blood Harvest Records


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