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US symphonic black/death metallers Enthean have been making waves with their début album ‘Priests of Annihilation’. A 47 minute journey into a variety of extreme metal styles mixed in with heavy orchestration, it’s a highly enjoyable listen that paints vivid pictures with its diverse palette. I caught up with guitarist/vocalist Adam Broome to find out more…

Introduce yourself!

I’m Adam, one-half of the guitarists/vocalists of Enthean. I like making heavy metals and eating.

Enthean Band

Priests of Annihilation has quite a varied amount of influences. If you had to nail just one as being the core of the band, what would it be?

Maybe ‘Invalesc de Profundis’. That song incorporates most of our influences. What’s your favourite album in this genre at the moment? I’d have to say ‘The Exile’ by Rapheumet’s Well and ‘Ashes of the Empyrean’ by Promethean Horde.

What are some of the themes to Priests of Annihilation?

Lyrically, they are mythologized accounts of life, mostly. ‘1054’ is about the Great Schism and the ignorance of the world… ‘Tones of Desecration’ and ‘Before You, I Am’ are songs of the Christian myth. I feel like since those songs are out of the way, we don’t need to give the myth any more credibility by adding to the plethora of songs on the subject. ‘Dysthanasia’ is about murder…Ekpyrosis’ which is about the theory of an ekpyrotic, cyclic universe. So, there’s no binding theme lyrically, but there is musically… we’ve placed notes in a cosmic pattern… Let’s see if anyone can uncover which pattern I’m speaking of…

With the various influences, how does the songwriting usually work for your songs?

It usually begins with me and Brian putting riffs together… it’s usually not that cut and dry. We’ll put them together, stew on them for a while, and if it isn’t meant to be, we’ll change it around. We then do extensive metal calculations, send them to NASA… the usual.

Enthean Band 2How do you approach the creation of the orchestral side of the band, incorporating it with the Metal aspects?

It depends on who has an idea as to what should be in a song. Usually one of us will elaborate on riffs or a melody the other has written. Sometimes we have to pull back on the orchestrations and sometimes it’s the most prominent feature.

As the cover artwork to the album is quite striking, how important is album artwork to you?

I’ve said before that it’s very important, but I guess it’s 50/50. On one hand, it doesn’t hurt for the artwork to be awesome and I’ve picked up a few albums just by cover alone. On the other, the music makes the CD what it is and sometimes it doesn’t matter what’s on the cover. Like ‘Wolverine Blues’ by Entombed…shitty cover, amazing album. The ‘White Album’ by The Beatles… nothing there, awesome album. Anyhow, if you’re a band just starting out, it doesn’t hurt to have something visually appealing.

Describe the typical Enthean live show.

We just play. Nothing fancy… I usually end up saying something really, really dumb. But… I get excited sometimes.

What does the future hold for Enthean?

We’ll be touring hopefully in July and then it’s back home to begin another tour and continue working on music!


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