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Hardcore Highlights 2013 – Part 1

Welcome to Part 1 of the latest instalment in the Hardcore Highlights series. This time, we focus on 2013. As previously, there were so many releases I could have included, but for the sake of brevity I have limited it to ten and split the article into two parts.

Let’s have at it then!

All Pigs Must Die – Nothing Violates This Nature

All Pigs Must Die
All Pigs Must Die features members/ex-members of bands such as Converge, Trap Them, The Red Chord and Beyond the Sixth Seal, (to name but a few). ‘Nothing Violates This Nature’ is 33 minutes of blisteringly gritty sonic excess and calculated chaos. You’d expect nothing less than the best knowing the background of the people involved in this band, and All Pigs Must Die live up to the expectations put on them. It’s a nasty, ugly and thoroughly heavy listen, and I love it for these reasons.

Burning Bright – Domesday

Burning Bright
I can’t remember how I first heard Burning Bright, but I know that I’m glad I did. This is the kind of aggressive hardcore that’s filled with emotive riffs and bright streaks of colour. It’s still the kind of stuff that can rip up the dance floor, of course. There’s no clean singing or friendly choruses in sight, but ‘Domesday’ is full of textured hardcore played with real passion. I keep returning to this band, and there’s a very good reason for it.

Cortez – Phœbus


‘Phœbus’ is modern hardcore that keeps an eye on both the violent, discordant version of the style, as well as incorporating more progressive, atmospheric, post-hardcore elements too. This makes for quite an individual album and across these 50 minutes Cortez show that they’re more than capable of providing the listener with quality, challenging content.

The Dillinger Escape Plan – One of Us Is the Killer

The Dillinger Escape Plan

2013 was the year that the masters of chaos returned with yet another whopper of an album. This is probably a band that need little introduction. Atypical, inventive and innovative; The Dillinger Escape Plan could be thought of as the Faith No More of the hardcore world, and are every bit as impressive. The band keep going from strength to strength, and this album, like all of theirs, really, is an absolute corker. Just listen to it.

Elizabeth – Insomnia


Tight, focused and guaranteed to flay your skin off with their sharp, dangerous brand of violent hardcore, this short EP demonstrates Elizabeth at their destructive best. With songs that you barely have time to register before they come screaming to an end, Insomnia is aptly named as there’s no relaxing when this is playing. Eight minutes of nastiness.

So that’s all for now. Tune in next time for some more raging tunes…


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