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German black metal band VORGA sign to Transcending Obscurity Records

We’ve got an excellent selection of black metal bands on the label and the latest to join the roster is the promising band Vorga from Germany. They’ve released a stunner of an EP in ‘Radiant Gloom’ and the new material is bound to take them places.

The band had this to say about the signing – “We’re pleased to be working with Kunal for our full album release early next year. The effort Kunal puts into all of this, the quality of the bands he’s working with and the amazing merch that he puts together made this a no-brainer for us. We’re excited to see where this leads. All I can say for now is you should expect the next release to have improved production values and higher quality and variety of merch to go along with it. As a result of the signing, you will be able to hear one new track from our upcoming record on the Transcending Obscurity label sampler that will be released in a few days! We’ll let you know when it’s out.”

Transcending Obscurity label owner Kunal Choksi adds, “We’re very happy to sign a deal with Vorga for their upcoming full length and more. The band has shown great promise and enthusiasm which can only lead to good things. We’re working hard on the best possible outcome for the impending album and I’m sure that it will be very well received. You can of course hear one of the new songs from it on the upcoming 2020 label sampler shortly.”


Vorga Bandcamp | Vorga Facebook


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