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Finnish black/thrash band BLACK MASS PERVERTOR sign to Transcending Obscurity Records

Black Mass Pervertor from Finland have been around since 1998, putting our a couple of demos and EPs and even a full length. We believe the band has tremendous potential and hope to give them a wider audience for their brand of unmitigated black metal/thrash/punk.

Label owner Kunal Choksi states, “It’s a rare pleasure to come across such black metal bands with great, punchy riffs and a phenomenal attitude to boot. There’s this distinct punk and/or thrash value in their music which makes it simply irresistible. Having been impressed with their past material, I was more than happy with what the band had to offer with regards to their upcoming release. I can say with confidence that it’s going to be very exciting putting it out and just shaking things up. Thanks to the band for giving us a chance with this. You all can expect the release to drop soon this year.”

Black Mass Pervertor member R.K. Moilanen comments, “After so many years of frustrating short-term relationships with different labels, we have finally banged our heads together with Transcending Obscurity records, hoping to build strong comradeship which would serve the aims of both parts. Our first release after teaming up with Kunal is Sodomiittien Seura (eng. Order of the Sodomites)-ep, which was recorded already over two years ago, so one can imagine that we are more than pleased that it finally sees the light of the day. Even though the material isn’t so up-to-date for us anymore, it still represents pretty well what we are up to. Mixing elements from the first wave of black metal to the thrashing sounds of the 80’s and old school doom metal is how we blend the metallic poison in our witches’ cauldron. Hope you guys will find this release and keep your eyes closely fixed for our future punishments too.”


R.M. – Bass & Roars of Evil
P.R. – Strings of Fire
T.K. – Hammer of Doom

1. Call to Worship
2. Clean your master’s boot
3. Silent Observer
4. A Statement
5. A Quest for Glory and Leadership
6. Possessed by Satan and Evil
7. Towards the Higher Plane of Existence
8. Anointment

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