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Exclusive premiere: Nogrod – black metal band from Guwahati, India


The nation never ceases to surprise me. Just when you think you’ve heard all the good-sounding bands from India, there comes another oozing with potential. Now, mind you, we’re talking about a brand new band that’s out to release their glorified demo aka EP release, which means there are lessons to be learnt, but if your expectations are moderate, you might end up being suitably pleased, as I did. The band in context is Nogrod, a three piece from Guwahati, India. The agenda is playing black metal and these guys are doing it with aplomb.

The song we’re premiering is Ageless Mourning off the album that’s titled ‘Abstruce Dismal’ (sic). It has the band members adorning corpsepaint quite sportingly (which is rare over here) and that passes off as the album art, too (for better or worse). About the song, it begins with an intro of flies buzzing, but soon enough you’ll hear powerful shrill riffing accompanied by bitter blasting. The whole sound is very convincing and the tone too is sufficiently strong so as not to be passed off as a weak bedroom project. The riffs are lethal, sharp and distinctly audible despite the delectable rampaging, and there are traces of death metal as well, during the heavier double bass moments. The hooks remind me of Behemoth but they’re not trying to mimic any band – the songwriting covers a lot of areas and it can’t be relegated to a simplistic form of aping. In fact, it’s pretty damn good. It doesn’t get dull or repetitive, which is something they must be wary of in the future, and even though they may not be breaking new ground here, it’s quite impressive.

Watch out for the FREE DOWNLOAD of the whole album when it pops out on May 13th. In the meantime, enjoy this exclusive stream –

Nogrod Facebook | Nogrod Album Launch Event Page



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