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Exclusive Premiere – Bangladesh-based doom band MOONSHINER

One of the most underrated metal scenes happen to be in Bangladesh, which is burgeoning with all kind of bands and it was only a matter of time till a foray into doom metal was made. We have here a new band called MOONSHINER which comprises of members of PSYCHOTRON and NECROLEPSY. This is a two-song demo that will be a part of their upcoming EP. It’s good enough to get an idea of what the band sounds like and the material over is very promising indeed.

It’s relatively upbeat stoner-infused doom metal with some good riffing that’s matched with able drumming. It’s a tad simplistic but perhaps with more variations and experimentation it’d be even better. The vocals are low and hoarse, muffled, kind of weird given the style but their transmutation into deeper growls could be possible and much preferred. These are two promising tracks and my personal favourite is the second one simply because of the upbeat tone. Whether exploring the stoner or sludge sound or doom metal overall, music that’s going somewhere it always good in my books as opposed to the tunes that wallow in their own misery, unless of course it’s adequately compensated by a suitable atmosphere.

The production is raw but clear and I’d imagine things to sound more powerful and crisp in the EP stage. I love the artwork though – it’s perfect for this kind of material. Well¬†then, don’t take my word for it and give these budding young musicians a chance. Stream the two-song demo in its entirety over here –

Moonshiner Facebook | Moonshiner Bandcamp



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