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It’s not often that we get requests for acts such as these. And that’s more than welcome. Anything out of the ordinary is. Like MRTVI and their 2017 album where they take what can be barely called black metal to different extremes, TELE.S.THERION are doing it on a different plane altogether – eschewing noise or anything that’s sonically harsh on paper in favour of atmospheric, subliminal, near-subconscious noise/music that’s meant for a select few. Here’s the full album premiere of this stubbornly obscure band that has provided us with different band pictures which are but completely black and incomprehensible.

‘Luzifers Abschied’ which translates to ‘Lucifer’s Farewell’ serves more as a soundtrack to a horror movie than music from an ostensible black metal band. There are hardly any intense parts unless you describe the severity of the overall mood, which made me think that the preliminary track is but an intro, when in fact, the entire album wafts through your mind turning its contents upside down. There are creepy vocal lines, drawling voices that fade in and out, with multiple instruments such as saxophone, waterphone and whatnot making a fleeting appearance every now and then. There is indeed a semblance of a structure to it all but it requires a mind that is capable of withstanding what might not otherwise pass off as metal music. It’s dark ambient with black metal ideology to an extent, and those who’re remotely into it will probably feel rewarded after listening to even one of their tracks. The first two tracks itself consume half an hour but they get shorter from there on, and probably easier to endure too. There are noticeable albeit not drastic changes in the mood and rhythm and that’s what makes this fascinating. So plunge right in if you want to experiment with music that will most likely end up giving you nightmares – and I mean that in a good way, of course.

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