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Dutch Lovecraftian band SwampCult sign to Transcending Obscurity International Distribution


Along with Swedish black metallers Seedna on the label, SwampCult are a band that explore beyond the ordinary, in their case, to create a form of dark, doom metal music laden with a gripping atmosphere. A sense of eeriness pervades the entire recording that’s based on the H.P. Lovecraft story ‘The Festival’. The full length album is expected to drop around July-August this year. Watch out for this very ambitious release.

Transcending Obscurity owner Kunal Choksi states, “I’ve always been intrigued about H.P. Lovecraft inspired bands and it was just my luck that I came across an email from SwampCult. Forget being influenced, SwampCult have conceptualized their entire album around the H.P. Lovecraft book titled ‘The Festival’. That’s exactly what their upcoming album on Transcending Obscurity International Distribution is called. I just hope to do justice to their excellent dedication to the art and attention to detail, in all aspects. There will be special story cards given out with this release, each having a different artwork and message to go with it. Watch out for this one. H.P. Lovecraft fans rejoice.”

SwampCult adds, “‘The Festival’ is a soundtrack to one of H.P. Lovecraft’s masterpieces, the short story by the same name. It will transcend your normal frame of mind on music and drag you into the sinister atmosphere that is so typical of this master of horror. We believe we have found a proper match with Transcending Obscurity. Kunal has shown to truly appreciate and understand what we want to achieve with this album and we embrace the chance to be in league with him on this glorious ride into madness.

CD Booklet


The album will come with a very special set of ‘story cards’, one for each chapter aka song on the album. Here’s the first one –

story card I the village

‘The Festival’ track list –
1. Chapter I – The Village
2. Chapter II – The Old Man
3. Chapter III – Al-Azif Necronomicon
4. Chapter IV – Procession
5. Chapter V – The Rite
6. Chapter VI – The Flight
7. Chapter VII – The Dawning
8. Chapter VIII – The Madness
9. IX Epilogue –  Betwixt Dream and Insanity

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