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DEMO PREMIERE: Invocation- Mysterious Black/Death Metal from Chile

Invocation- Seance Part: I

South America continues to be a regular source for quality black and death metal that’s able to capture that raw, unrelenting nature of the genre. One of our latest discoveries is Chile’s Invocation, who recently released their debut demo ‘Seance Part: I’ on tape and digital formats via Godz ov War Productions. The tape officially released on April 25th but up until now only two songs have been available for preview. Today we’re pleased to give you an exclusive stream of all four songs, which showcases Invocation as another black/death metal entity that is worth taking notice of.

Coming in at just under twenty minutes, what you’ll notice about ‘Seance Part: I’ is that not only does the band nail that otherworldly, ritualistic atmosphere but they also capture that raw and abrasive sound that adds a considerable amount of grit to the material. As the drums pound away mercilessly at your ear drums, the guitar and bass work creates thick layers that have tonality which falls right at the cross-section between black metal and death metal. When they’re at their best, Invocation is able to use this sound to create a hypnotic effect that draws the listener into complete darkness and the unknown, and each of the four songs does this in a way that has a similar impact but achieves it in a slightly different manner. In particular, the last two tracks Devout Effusions and Hypnosis showcase the band’s ability to slow things down a bit and create a tense, foreboding atmosphere with ominous riffs that expand outwards before leading right back into the attack.

For a demo recording ‘Seance Part: I’ comes across as much more balanced than you might expect, as even though the instrumental work has that raw quality to it that lets the distortion and drumming steal the spotlight the details are fairly easy to make out. The vocals come through a lot clearer than can be typical for this type of black/death metal, and that works to Invocation’s advantage as the lower screams/growls reverberate over the sound with a commanding presence. There’s quite a bit of echo to each scream, and they expand in a way that has a ghastly feel which is likely to send chills down your spine.


Invocation has showcased quite a bit of potential on this initial demo. They tend to skew a bit more towards the death metal side of black/death metal, with the riffing likely to grab fans of that older, mysterious sounding death metal from the 90s. But there’s some of that icy chill of black metal in there too, and it will be interesting to see which direction the band chooses to go in as they progress. For now, give ‘Seance Part: I’ a listen and see what you think of their exploration of darkness and the unknown. But hurry if you want to experience it on cassette, as Godz ov War’s pressing is limited to 100 copies!

Invocation Facebook | Godz ov War Productions


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