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PREMIERE: CAMEL OF DOOM’s ‘Sleeper Must Awaken’

camel of doom terrestrial

Hailing from the United Kingdom, the doomsters in Camel of Doom have time and time again showcased their willingness to stray from the path and take the road less taken. Over the years, the band has continued to explore and master their soundscape which is truly reflected in their latest offering, ‘Terrestrial’. The band manages to experiment with elements of death, psychedelic sludge, and even industrial metal, while keeping their feet well grounded in the lands of doom.

The album is the bands fourth full length offering and clocks at a massive 63 minutes. The music consisting of four long drawn-out tracks, along with four shorter melodic interludes. Today we bring you one of the gargantuan majesties on the record, Sleeper Must Awaken which can be streamed below.

this is not the standard run-of-the-mill doom metal

Right from the beginning, as the listener is sucked into the music, one realizes that this is not the standard run-of-the-mill doom metal. The foundation is there with the distorted riffs and the bellowed-out vocals, but the crushing drum-work, intermingled with the industrial electronic sounds manages to create something truly spectacular and hypnotic. The use of electronic sounds in metal music usually makes me cringe, as bands tend to get carried away with it and run it into the ground. It’s here that Camel of Doom leave their mark as they not only avoid the pitfall, but fly well over it. It’s ever-present in the background without ever becoming dominant, and yet manages to bring in the atmosphere it’s intended for.

The track showcases great variation skills, as it builds up, picking up speed and intensity, before slowing down to a gloomier and more melancholic end. The heavy moments with dirty riffs and blasting drums, seamlessly combine with the clean ambient sections as if they were one space-time continuum. Go listen to this psychedelic space doom masterpiece now!

There is a lot more on ‘Terrestrial’, go check out the other tracks streaming on Bandcamp. The album comes out on Solitude Productions on February 8.

Solitude Productions | Bandcamp | Solitude Productions Facebook | Camel of Doom Facebook 


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