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SPECIAL FEATURE: Best of 2015 – Wouter Roemers (TO Staff) – final chapter

Continued from page 1 and page 2. On this page you’ll find the 2015 Hard/Fast/Grindcore Highlights. HARD/FAST/GRINDCORE HIGHLIGHTS (in alphabetical order) Bloody Mortir – Vandalisme Massal Asia always had a knack of adopting European – and American culture. ‘Vandalisme Massal’, the proper debut of Bloody Mortir after a very limited demo/EP, takes its inspiration from British and American sources. Charged by […]

SPECIAL FEATURE: Best of 2015 – Wouter Roemers (TO Staff) – second chapter

Continued from page 1. On this page you’ll find the runner-ups (the honorable mentions) and the Most Promising Newcomers. Jump to the next page for all the 2015 Hard/Fast/Grindcore Highlights. HONORABLE MENTIONS Endlesshade – Wolf Will Swallow the Sun One of Ukraine’s most promising new units isn’t a black metal band, but a gloomy doom collective. Fronted by […]

SPECIAL FEATURE: Best of 2015 – Wouter Roemers (TO Staff)

2015 brought plenty of great albums with it, and as with the year before there were so many outstanding efforts that it was hard to really narrow things down into a concise list. Instead of agonizing over it for too long, I simply decided to go through everything I had given high marks to since […]

INTERVIEW: Nachtlieder | Susanne Hansson talks about her new album and inspirations

Black metal and Sweden are irrevocably entwined. The country has always been, and continues to be, a fertile soil for the genre. Among the newer crop of genre bands from the country is Nachtlieder, the studio project of Dagny Susanne, otherwise known as Susanne Hansson. Recently Nachtlieder released its second album ‘The Female Of the […]

Abominatio – Legion announces name change

Santiago de Chile, Chile-based death metal combo Legion has announced Abominatio as its new name. Coinciding with the announcement the band has unveiled its new logo. Leading up to the name change Abominatio debuted two new songs Gula, Damned Hedonism and Superbia: I’m Fire, I’m Chaos as a precursor to proposed recordings under the new name. In 2014 Abominatio released […]

Summoning – working on new album

Atmospheric black metal duo Summoning has been working on a proposed follow-up to 2013’s “Old Morning’s Dawn” for over a year now. According to a recent interview with Darkview the upcoming, yet-unnamed record will be a stylistic continuation of “Old Morning’s Dawn”, including similar depressive atmospheres and the integration of material originally intended for said album. […]

Zero Gravity – announce new vocalist

Indore-based death/groove metal combo Zero Gravity has announced Natasha Chowdhury as its new vocalist. Chowdhury follows in the footsteps of Kratika Bagora, who left the band on good terms in late August 2015 to pursue education – and career opportunities in New York. The band had the following to say about the transition: “It’s with a […]


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