INTERVIEW: Dāmim – Technical Death Metal from the UK

After a significant period of inactivity, the artists until recently known as Dām (Taurkad), have returned in 2016 with a new name, new material on the horizon, new shoes (probably), and renewed intent! In this interview vocalist/guitarist Nathanael fights his way through TO’s hail of questions. Transcending Obscurity (Ewan): Could you introduce yourself, tell us who’s […]

INTERVIEW: Black Skies Burn – Death/Grind from the UK

Dealing in savage Death/Grind, the UK’s Black Skies Burn are among the country’s hardest gigging bands. Tearing up and down the country with alarming regularity, increasing forays overseas, and regularly promoting their own shows. Guitarist Chris Marks gives Transcending Obscurity the low down on all things BSB.